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Hello people of Earth!

Sorry for the lack of updates, as everybody can guess I've been busy with work stuff and I've always gotten home quite tired to blog.

Twitter's been a LOT of help though as that's the only way I could catch up with my readers and/or followers.

A lot has happened. Maybe I'll do my (in)famous catch up posts later!

Anyways I'll be leaving for Brisbane, Australia for AMUNC 2009. :D

SUPER excited!

Wish me a safe flight will you?

Anyways highlight of the 3 weeks I haven't blogged was me meeting up with my girls!

Hapi. :)


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This is the second blog post of the day as there are simply a LOT of things I want to share...

My organizer's filled with possible blog entries that I wanted to post but I guess I couldn't.
Among those are celebrating Hasbi's birthday at his house, receiving that box of my mom's and beloved grandmother's old articles of clothings, trying them on with my sisters, and my last shopping spree of which I bought a Hapi out of all things! ;)

My sister Tamara donning the Hapi. :)
The boot's mine btw.

Anyways I've been pretty content with my job, despite missing school so much. My work is very interesting. I've got lots to learn and I hope this shows when I have to present my internship report in front of the DBS BOD and most of all the school faculty. :)

Interesting jobs call on interesting attire I must say. I really wanted to post ALL my work attires from the last two weeks but it was only recently that it dawned upon me that I could take pictures of myself in the ladies' bathroom before work hours LOL.

I got there WAY early. Like one-and-a-half hour early.
I got WAY too much time on my hands. :)

June 10, 2009

My mom's old skirt--one of the treasure troves in that box my aunt sent in.
It was a mini on her because she's taller but it was decent length for me though...

The bevel of the mirrors made the skirt longer than it is. It's actually just above the knees.

June 11, 2009

The skirt was my mom's and the top was actually my sister's.
They put together the outfit for me haha.
Love them to pieces! :)

That day I also went to a work colleague's grandma's funeral.
It was done in a Batak custom. Everybody was wearing black and raucuous music was playing on the background.
I stood out like a thumb due to my ALL white outfit. ;)

June 13, 2009


Cakes and Tea.


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Today was surely one of the happiest days I've ever felt in the last two weeks.

The day started with me picking up Echie (an epithet for Jessica) at Kutek, where she had to go to an internet cafe to send in some report to her boss at Enriching-Life. And then we went to the campus library to read up on internship reports done by the school's alumni.
We literally pored our hearts and eyes out on those internship reports. Plus we could only read 6 reports a day damnit!

We were at loss for words because it seemed like no one had ever done a report on what we wanted to write on.
So there were no benchmarks.
I must say Echie was luckier because she did find this report that analyzed the revenue of this oil company, although Echie wanted to write about expenditures (quite the opposite).

But nobody had ever written about risk management!!!
And the ones who did were Management students (I'm an Accountancy and Finance major) and theirs were, I'm sorry to say, poorly made!

Anyways we were gonna grab a frozen yoghurt after, but the traffic jam was not so friendly to let us do so.
Instead we did some shopping and Echie walked out of the store with a pair of pretty, pretty wedges plus 2 stockings (grey and black), while I got a pair of knee-length black socks and a pair of black thigh-high stockings. :)

Afterwards, we went to The Harvest to satisfy our sweet tooths. ;)

Image courtesy of widianto.mukhodim.com

Echie had a strawberry cheesecake and I had a chocolate mousse.
We shared our blueberry tea. ;)

Being on campus, even for a short while made me realize just how much I miss school...

Not this part though.

Sitting upright on my bottom bed bunk, leaning on the wall, a Pokemon folding desk on my lap with a book propped open--in this case my Auditing book--with a stationery set ready at hand.

Hehe. It's quite uncanny for one to actually MISS school! But I do. And it was this that made up my mind to go and get a Masters degree scholarship before I decide to throw myself into the job market.
Plus it pays more when you're a graduate rather an undergrad I heard. All in all wish me luck in my studies! :)

View from my desk.

My desk. It was still morning so there were no paperworks on the desk yet.

What's in my drawer. ;)
Gotta have mouthwash and a mint candy!

Last Time We Went Out.


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This is long overdue as we went out right before my internship (right after mid-test).
But I miss campus so bad nowadays (and it's only been 2 weeks!!!) hehe.

We took pictures in the bathroom RIGHT after we got to PIM! :D1st frame: Nanda (with the headband), Ratih (*kiss*), me!

We headed straight to the foodcourt afterwards as we were RAVENOUS.
Nanda, the SKINNIest one, had the most food intake (3rd frame)

We went for ice cream at ColdStone.
And acted retarded.
The most retarded one as everyone can see, lol, is the one in yellow; Dewi.
In the last frame she got angry with her ice cream. Don't ask us why.
And the 1st frame... Well we're just speechless. ;) Hehe.

We met Dita, wearing the hijab, with her boyfriend.

I ran into an old friend Yuke! Love her, miss her! :)Let's go out agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiinn!!! :D

Transfers. :)


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Hehe as you guys can see this is one of those catch up blog posts...

I transferred departments today, scroll down if you want to read the details why.
This may just be one of my happiest days. :)

I now realize that maybe corporate banking just ain't for me.
But as for risk management??? I LOVE it!!!
Plus I got an A for the subject at school haha! :D :D :D

1:28 PM 6/3/2009

I've been meaning to post for so long but all this internship thingy has really been getting in the way.

I'm actually pretty lucky as I get to go home (or rather was convinced to go home) at the appropriate time (5 PM) than some--if not all--of the people in the office.
One of them told me this morning that they were pretty fortunate to have gone home at 8 PM last night because usually they'd go home at 10-11PM.[!!!]

(*0*) is supposedly a shocked emoticon

I was at first a bit reluctant to go home at 5, as nobody had gone home yet, but my parents convinced me that:
1. I'm just an intern first of all
2. I don't get paid overtime
3. Who's gonna go home with me if I were late?!

Anyways, I don't think I'm very much suited to this company. Maybe it's the department—I really hope it is!—I don't know. But I've never been this shy and quiet around people before...

Heck my friends iDescribed me on facebook as being cheerful, funny, and extroverted! Shy and quiet just don't translate into Intan Alasdair!

I can't wait to get transferred soon! If I were to stay here for three more months I think I'll be scarred my whole life. LOL.


Speaking of scarring experiences--if there is such a term btw--yesterday I had to suffer one! Well not really actually, as I didn't actually see the whole accident and stuff but it was still pretty scary...

So my driver, who's only been working for two weeks and totally SUCKED at driving btw, BAILED on me and my family. He just said he resigned, end of story, no reasons or explanations.
Well I say, "Good riddance!" We never liked him anyway.

But him leaving actually had a downside which is that it left my dad and I with no other means of transporting other than public transportation.
I went to his office yesterday which isn't very far from mine by bus. It was a 5 minute ride and costed the normal bus fare of Rp2.000--it shoulda been Rp1,500 as it's a very short distance lol!

From there we got on an ojek, kinda like a taxi but on mopeds, to the Tanah Abang station to board a train to Pondok Ranji.
And we did.
We boarded that train, an express and business class too at that, and before long we were already at Palmerah...when the train stopped.

People were confused as the train wasn't supposed to stop anywhere; it was supposed to take us straight to Pondok Ranji.

Not long after we stopped the train officers pushed through the crowd to try to get to the back of the train. My dad asked one of them as they shoved their way through about what was happening.

"A moped hit us," he said.

Image courtesy of Inilah.com

Image courtesy of suardi.files.wordpress.com

As soon as he said that people were reaching for their cellphones to call home. We could tell that was gonna take VERY long. And it did.

I thought to myself for a minute before realizing that I was disrespecting the dead, "Stupid mopeds and your rule breaking look where you have gotten yourselves into: DEATH! And now I have to go home late..."

We actually stopped two more times after that, and everytime we asked the officers who jostled through us to get to the back, it turned out that it was because of that accident.

Image courtesy of www.smh.com.au

Image courtesy of www.svcag.org

I imagined the conversation that was going on back there.

"Yo what's holding us up?!"
"Man, that guy's arm still stuck somewhere and it's clogging the wheel!"
"Oh man!"
"Hey there it is! Phew!"
"Whoa cool watch! Let's sell it and split the profit!"


Anyways, today is both Hasbi's and Farrah's birthdaaaaaaayy!!! :D

Happy birthday my loves.

Today is a very special day, for the LORD SWT has chosen it for two of the most special people in my life and in my heart to be born on.
So let us rejoice in prayers and gratitude for the Almighty GOD for letting us celebrate it this year.
And may GOD SWT let us experience it again in the years to come.

You're one year older.
And I hope one year wiser.

You have yet to see the long road ahead of you and I wish you the best of luck.
Your journeys have just begun,
Farra with starting uni life,
and Hasbi with you last year of uni...

I will be there for you all the way always.
And GOD SWT will be there too. :)

Gotta get back to WOOOORRRKK!!!


3:09 PM 6/3/2009

Catching Up & Little Baghdad.


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So as you guys know, I started working June 1... And today will mark a FULL week of me working at DBS Indonesia!!! Yay for me! ;)

I've had an internship before at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, which was FABULOUS btw, but the fatigue was nowhere near this one... And before at DTT I had to go home at 12AM!!! LOL.

Anyways I'll be posting some catch-up posts these few days to let the blog catch up to current events. This one I wrote in my office desktop after lunch lol.

June 1, 2009 13:26

Yesterday one of my dreams LITERALLY CAME TRUE!!!
This may be an insignificant event to some, and a bit stupid really, but VERY VERY important to me nevertheless... :)

So Hasbi took me out to dinner that day to Little Baghdad in Kemang. :)
And as soon as we got there, we ordered straight to the main course and I even asked for an additional Pita Bread to accompany my chicken curry! :)

Our Table.
My Chicken Curry and additional Pita Bread.
The drinks were Snow in Sahara (the white one) and Taste of Baghdad.

Hasbi ordered Shawarma.

We actually got there WAY early (around 16:30) so we slept it off in his car a bit before going in the restaurant.

Still daytime.
H = the grumpiest, cutest thing. :)

We sat outside, which was rather a mistake because dining inside seemed more appropriate for such romantic affairs. ;)
And if there was one thing I regretted, it was that I forgot to have the waiter light up the candle at our table![!!!!!!]

I thought that if a candle was lit, then that'd mean I'd had a candlelight dinner with H right???

LOL. :D :D :D

We're not as retarded in real life.
And don't mind that lopsided smile I had on (especially in the last pic).
And please excuse the sleepy eyes too.

Anyways earlier that day we went to PIM, only my favorite mall and also the BEST mall ever in Indonesia[!!!], albeit one we often go to on account of it being strategically located (read: close) to our houses lol. ;)

There Hasbi accompanied me in getting Farra a birthday present.
She actually shares the same birthday with Hasbi so you can tell that two of my major expeditures would probably be made in June. ;)

I got her a perfume.

H in front of Metro Department Store in PIM finishing off his ice cream.

I wore my long sleeves floral mini with a pair of amazing platforms and a pretty scarf and bag lol. Hasbi liked my dress and was happy with my heels because they made it easier for him to wrap his hand around my waist (not that there'd been any problem before lol). ;) But I actually forgot to take a decent outfit picture (as if there's ever been one before!!!) because I so badly want to show it off!!! LOL.

Anyways back to WORK!!! :D



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Image is courtesy of Grand Hyatt Bali

No, I actually didn't go to Bali. It was finals after all. Anyways yesterday H did THE SWEETEST THING EVER!!![!!!!!!!!!!]

He was staying at a friend's place with his guy friends, but still he picked me up from school and even waited a long time as I had to return some books to the library and had a meeting with my AMUNC team concerning sponsorship problems!

He absolutely hated--and will continue to hate I guess--all of my meetings, but despite of him rumbling a little, he was the cutest thing!

Afterwards, he was supposed to accompany me get a manicure-pedicure at this salon, which he did.

The thing is boys weren't allowed in the salon!

So as soon as Hasbi and I stepped into the place, the receptionist ushered him out the door.

I was quite at loss of what to say as the salon was quite far and we had wasted quite a lot of time getting there. I felt so bad for him.
So I told him that the manicure-pedicure thing was canceled and that I was sorry.

But he insisted that I go in and have fun! He told me that he knew I had wanted to go for a long time. That he'd be waiting. And that I shouldn't worry about him being alone.

I had felt like I wanted to hug him then and there.

So I went in and got myself literally PAMPERED.
I had a massage, a body scrub, and of course the manicure and pedicure I had wanted.
It was already nighttime when I finished.

And Hasbi; he was in his car, his windows slightly open, sleeping. His PlayStation Portable was on the dashboard, its battery finished.

He kissed me on the cheek and it was the perfect ending for finals. :)

Epic Shi[r]t.


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*Opening tune similar to that of the 70s gameshows is heard*

*The host appears, a middle aged man, tanned, with swept-back hair in a horrible suit and ascot grinning widely*

*Camera zoomed in on the host, full body*

Host (in a somewhat perky tone, all the while grinning to the camera):
Hello! And welcome back to the Crappy Pic Show where you get to see a crappy pic taken by a crappy quality cellphone camera taken in quite a crappy mood!

*Host smiles*

*Taped audience laughing is heard*

*Picture is shown on screen*

*Taped audience laughing is played back* *Twice*

*Host is back on screen*

And it seems like there's been a a crappy editing too!!!

*Host winks* *Punchline drum sounds*

Well that's it for today!
See you next time on the Crappy Pic Show with me the Crappy Host!

*Host waves and gives a somewhat military salute with only two of his fingers to the camera*

*Closing tune*


I was gonna post that on Tuesday but as I had finals the next day and so I didn't.

Anyways I got a call yesterday from DBS and they told me to come over either on Thursday (today) or on Friday to sign some paperwork before I start working June 1.


I told them I have finals on Friday but was free on Thursday (today), so I'm waiting for them to call when I should come over. :D :D :D

Spendings and Signs.


Written on 5/23/2009 05:23:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

4:35 PM 5/23/2009

Earlier this morning my mom raided my wallet for a monthly financial audit.

We were shocked. Literally SHOCKED!!!

I had spent both of my savings account to almost 1% of its original amount the beginning of the month. Literally.

Man, I am SO DEAD!!!

But looking back I did make a lot of purchases using the cards.

I used it on outfits, to buy cellphone credits, to buy books, to eat, to take out cash to put in my wallet, etc etc.

Man I am such a spender!!!

And looking back to my blog posts or my tweets or my fb status updates, I shoulda seen it coming.
It was so often that I tweeted/wrote that I splurged on this and that.
Why can't I hold myself back??!!!


I feel so bad for my parents.

What am I gonna do?

Today and yesterday alone I went crazy and had 4 major purchases.

This is really getting out of control.


On a happier note, today after we (the family that is) had gone to UI so that I could borrow some books for finals, we went to Farra's cram school to pick her up.

We then performed salat at a nearby mosque where my dad's shoes were stolen so we went and bought him new ones at a nearby shopping center.
I had had a bad feeling about this--leaving the shoes unattended. But we prayed there times before and it was alright.
We were SO wrong.

It was just plain ridiculous that someone could perform such unseemly things at such a holy place.

Anyways, we went to Pondok Indah Mall afterwards to have lunch at Tokigawa Resto where the food ain't that good I'm telling you,

and then we went shopping.

This is when I lost control again.

Damn it.



Be a betterBe a GOOD financial planner

1. Save money
Put a minimum of Rp3.000,- in piggy bank EVERY day.

2. Restrain from spending more than Rp100.000,- a month

Not included transportation costs to and from Depok/Thamrin but includes everything else otherwise.

With the Name of THE MOST GRACIOUS, THE MOST MERCIFUL. Ya ALLAH please give me strength to not follow my lust or gluttony after pretty, shiny things. Amin yaa ROBBal aalamiin.

5:19 PM 5/23/2009


5:24 PM 5/23/2009

Oh yea before I forgot. We (my mom, my sisters and I) found this sign at this gas station in BSD when we were on our way to the airport to pick up my dad on Thursday.


Under the No Smoking sign were a list of cigarette prices.
And yes they sell cigarettes at the gas station.

Of all the irony.

5:25 PM 5/23/2009