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Written on 6/08/2009 08:19:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

Hehe as you guys can see this is one of those catch up blog posts...

I transferred departments today, scroll down if you want to read the details why.
This may just be one of my happiest days. :)

I now realize that maybe corporate banking just ain't for me.
But as for risk management??? I LOVE it!!!
Plus I got an A for the subject at school haha! :D :D :D

1:28 PM 6/3/2009

I've been meaning to post for so long but all this internship thingy has really been getting in the way.

I'm actually pretty lucky as I get to go home (or rather was convinced to go home) at the appropriate time (5 PM) than some--if not all--of the people in the office.
One of them told me this morning that they were pretty fortunate to have gone home at 8 PM last night because usually they'd go home at 10-11PM.[!!!]

(*0*) is supposedly a shocked emoticon

I was at first a bit reluctant to go home at 5, as nobody had gone home yet, but my parents convinced me that:
1. I'm just an intern first of all
2. I don't get paid overtime
3. Who's gonna go home with me if I were late?!

Anyways, I don't think I'm very much suited to this company. Maybe it's the department—I really hope it is!—I don't know. But I've never been this shy and quiet around people before...

Heck my friends iDescribed me on facebook as being cheerful, funny, and extroverted! Shy and quiet just don't translate into Intan Alasdair!

I can't wait to get transferred soon! If I were to stay here for three more months I think I'll be scarred my whole life. LOL.


Speaking of scarring experiences--if there is such a term btw--yesterday I had to suffer one! Well not really actually, as I didn't actually see the whole accident and stuff but it was still pretty scary...

So my driver, who's only been working for two weeks and totally SUCKED at driving btw, BAILED on me and my family. He just said he resigned, end of story, no reasons or explanations.
Well I say, "Good riddance!" We never liked him anyway.

But him leaving actually had a downside which is that it left my dad and I with no other means of transporting other than public transportation.
I went to his office yesterday which isn't very far from mine by bus. It was a 5 minute ride and costed the normal bus fare of Rp2.000--it shoulda been Rp1,500 as it's a very short distance lol!

From there we got on an ojek, kinda like a taxi but on mopeds, to the Tanah Abang station to board a train to Pondok Ranji.
And we did.
We boarded that train, an express and business class too at that, and before long we were already at Palmerah...when the train stopped.

People were confused as the train wasn't supposed to stop anywhere; it was supposed to take us straight to Pondok Ranji.

Not long after we stopped the train officers pushed through the crowd to try to get to the back of the train. My dad asked one of them as they shoved their way through about what was happening.

"A moped hit us," he said.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

As soon as he said that people were reaching for their cellphones to call home. We could tell that was gonna take VERY long. And it did.

I thought to myself for a minute before realizing that I was disrespecting the dead, "Stupid mopeds and your rule breaking look where you have gotten yourselves into: DEATH! And now I have to go home late..."

We actually stopped two more times after that, and everytime we asked the officers who jostled through us to get to the back, it turned out that it was because of that accident.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

I imagined the conversation that was going on back there.

"Yo what's holding us up?!"
"Man, that guy's arm still stuck somewhere and it's clogging the wheel!"
"Oh man!"
"Hey there it is! Phew!"
"Whoa cool watch! Let's sell it and split the profit!"


Anyways, today is both Hasbi's and Farrah's birthdaaaaaaayy!!! :D

Happy birthday my loves.

Today is a very special day, for the LORD SWT has chosen it for two of the most special people in my life and in my heart to be born on.
So let us rejoice in prayers and gratitude for the Almighty GOD for letting us celebrate it this year.
And may GOD SWT let us experience it again in the years to come.

You're one year older.
And I hope one year wiser.

You have yet to see the long road ahead of you and I wish you the best of luck.
Your journeys have just begun,
Farra with starting uni life,
and Hasbi with you last year of uni...

I will be there for you all the way always.
And GOD SWT will be there too. :)

Gotta get back to WOOOORRRKK!!!


3:09 PM 6/3/2009

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