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Image is courtesy of Grand Hyatt Bali

No, I actually didn't go to Bali. It was finals after all. Anyways yesterday H did THE SWEETEST THING EVER!!![!!!!!!!!!!]

He was staying at a friend's place with his guy friends, but still he picked me up from school and even waited a long time as I had to return some books to the library and had a meeting with my AMUNC team concerning sponsorship problems!

He absolutely hated--and will continue to hate I guess--all of my meetings, but despite of him rumbling a little, he was the cutest thing!

Afterwards, he was supposed to accompany me get a manicure-pedicure at this salon, which he did.

The thing is boys weren't allowed in the salon!

So as soon as Hasbi and I stepped into the place, the receptionist ushered him out the door.

I was quite at loss of what to say as the salon was quite far and we had wasted quite a lot of time getting there. I felt so bad for him.
So I told him that the manicure-pedicure thing was canceled and that I was sorry.

But he insisted that I go in and have fun! He told me that he knew I had wanted to go for a long time. That he'd be waiting. And that I shouldn't worry about him being alone.

I had felt like I wanted to hug him then and there.

So I went in and got myself literally PAMPERED.
I had a massage, a body scrub, and of course the manicure and pedicure I had wanted.
It was already nighttime when I finished.

And Hasbi; he was in his car, his windows slightly open, sleeping. His PlayStation Portable was on the dashboard, its battery finished.

He kissed me on the cheek and it was the perfect ending for finals. :)

Epic Shi[r]t.


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*Opening tune similar to that of the 70s gameshows is heard*

*The host appears, a middle aged man, tanned, with swept-back hair in a horrible suit and ascot grinning widely*

*Camera zoomed in on the host, full body*

Host (in a somewhat perky tone, all the while grinning to the camera):
Hello! And welcome back to the Crappy Pic Show where you get to see a crappy pic taken by a crappy quality cellphone camera taken in quite a crappy mood!

*Host smiles*

*Taped audience laughing is heard*

*Picture is shown on screen*

*Taped audience laughing is played back* *Twice*

*Host is back on screen*

And it seems like there's been a a crappy editing too!!!

*Host winks* *Punchline drum sounds*

Well that's it for today!
See you next time on the Crappy Pic Show with me the Crappy Host!

*Host waves and gives a somewhat military salute with only two of his fingers to the camera*

*Closing tune*


I was gonna post that on Tuesday but as I had finals the next day and so I didn't.

Anyways I got a call yesterday from DBS and they told me to come over either on Thursday (today) or on Friday to sign some paperwork before I start working June 1.


I told them I have finals on Friday but was free on Thursday (today), so I'm waiting for them to call when I should come over. :D :D :D

Spendings and Signs.


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4:35 PM 5/23/2009

Earlier this morning my mom raided my wallet for a monthly financial audit.

We were shocked. Literally SHOCKED!!!

I had spent both of my savings account to almost 1% of its original amount the beginning of the month. Literally.

Man, I am SO DEAD!!!

But looking back I did make a lot of purchases using the cards.

I used it on outfits, to buy cellphone credits, to buy books, to eat, to take out cash to put in my wallet, etc etc.

Man I am such a spender!!!

And looking back to my blog posts or my tweets or my fb status updates, I shoulda seen it coming.
It was so often that I tweeted/wrote that I splurged on this and that.
Why can't I hold myself back??!!!


I feel so bad for my parents.

What am I gonna do?

Today and yesterday alone I went crazy and had 4 major purchases.

This is really getting out of control.


On a happier note, today after we (the family that is) had gone to UI so that I could borrow some books for finals, we went to Farra's cram school to pick her up.

We then performed salat at a nearby mosque where my dad's shoes were stolen so we went and bought him new ones at a nearby shopping center.
I had had a bad feeling about this--leaving the shoes unattended. But we prayed there times before and it was alright.
We were SO wrong.

It was just plain ridiculous that someone could perform such unseemly things at such a holy place.

Anyways, we went to Pondok Indah Mall afterwards to have lunch at Tokigawa Resto where the food ain't that good I'm telling you,

and then we went shopping.

This is when I lost control again.

Damn it.



Be a betterBe a GOOD financial planner

1. Save money
Put a minimum of Rp3.000,- in piggy bank EVERY day.

2. Restrain from spending more than Rp100.000,- a month

Not included transportation costs to and from Depok/Thamrin but includes everything else otherwise.

With the Name of THE MOST GRACIOUS, THE MOST MERCIFUL. Ya ALLAH please give me strength to not follow my lust or gluttony after pretty, shiny things. Amin yaa ROBBal aalamiin.

5:19 PM 5/23/2009


5:24 PM 5/23/2009

Oh yea before I forgot. We (my mom, my sisters and I) found this sign at this gas station in BSD when we were on our way to the airport to pick up my dad on Thursday.


Under the No Smoking sign were a list of cigarette prices.
And yes they sell cigarettes at the gas station.

Of all the irony.

5:25 PM 5/23/2009

Skirts! Lips!


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As soon as I saw this pic I knew what I'm going to make next!!! Susie's skirt!!! :)


I wonder how it will look in denim?

That aside, I've been toying with the idea of donning Barbie Lips lately...

Camilla Belle
Image courtesy of



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So I have been eyeing shoes for work these few days. As well as pants.

Unfortunately the shoes that I want are incredibly expensive for my budget.
And so I decided to have them custom made.

After I pick up my sisters I'm gonna go to a shoemaker to have these babies done:

Giuseppe Zanotti Platform gladiator sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti Cutout rivet sandals

Balmain Crystal panel sandals

But I'm gonna have to make them all in chunky platform heels just because I wouldn't have it other wise. ;)

Gotta get going. Bye! :) :) :)

Images are courtesy of


The shoemaker was out and I couldn't have the shoes done... But I brought home this very cute vintage-looking dress with gold flower buttons lol. ;)

So it was a HAPPY day! :)

Study Session.


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So nothing interesting today.

I was being lazy all around the house until about 9AM, then took a bath and went off to campus looking like this:

Completely unimaginative but was perfectly suited for the International Taxation study session I was gonna have with some friends at the library as well as for meeting my academic counselor to consult about my internship report.

I'm thinking of asking DBS if I could be put in risk management.
But I'm absolutely at lost how to put that without sounding so ungrateful.

Frustating things aside. The sun was unbearably unfriendly today.
I was squinting the whole day and now I can't help but wonder whether I've gotten tanner *NO!!!* from being exposed to the sunlight.
Just what is it with South East Asians and their preference to lighter skin complexion???!!
On top of that the shirt made a me have a bit of a tummy there but who cares.

I'm off to sleep.

Hats, Scarves, Rings, and Interviews.


Written on 5/19/2009 07:31:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

So I had this interview earlier this morning with Mr. Aries of HR Department DBS and Mrs. Ariani of IBG. My stomach is lurching, turning, and all twisted inside. I am excited and nervous at the same time but mostly scared. Terrified. Cowering in fear. Petrified. Shaken. Panic-stricken. Aghast...

They're gonna call me later (I do hope I get a call pls!!!) but in the meantime it keeps me wondering how I'm gonna do my report, what I'm going to write, and whether it's gonna be accepted for someone taking an Accounting and Finance major. I mean it's CORPORATE BANKING!!! Account management! I don't know what I'll be doing!!! They tried to give me a big picture and behind all that nodding and smiling, I'm all muddled and confused inside! Yet on the other hand I keep sorting out my clothes in my head thinking of all the possibilities of clothing attires that I can mix and match for work.[!!!]

Anyways I want hats. Floppy hats and Trilbies. And rings too. Big, catch-everybody's-attention rings. I actually found 2 rings I liked--I forgot whether I've told you guys about this before in my previous post(s)--during Ladies' Day Citos bazaar last week but decided not to buy them. You can imagine the regret I felt (and feel) afterwards... :( And fringe tubular scarves, too--I might make an online purchase sometime this week I think.

I want to post pics but I'm too jittery right now to do so. :(
Wish me luck. :( :( :(

Sexy Stuff.


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Enough said.

I want a boyfriend who'd wear my name on his shirts!!!


Anyways, this I wore on Friday. It was a pretty lazy day, despite me having 3 classes that day, and it called for a lazy outfit too. But, it wasn't my outfit I want to focus on! It was H's.

H looked gorgeous that day!

And though it doesn't show in the pic (damn you crappy cellphone photos!)--what with that mean face and crappy quality pic--the shirt was actually this checkered crisscross pattern of purple (of course), red, blue, and white.

It was absolute hearts from the moment I saw him that day! :)

Another funny thing was that he was actually driving behind my car that morning and he kept flashing his lights at me and honking. But I ignored him and was all like, "Just who is that idiot of a driver!?" LOL.

Now this one I wore on Thursday.

I have literally TONS (well not really but a lot anyways) of skorts and this was one of them.

Skorts and culotte shorts are the best thing to put on when you want to get lazy but not sloppy. :)

And though I wear them a lot, it was always a pleasure (for me at least) to hear people exclaim, "Whoa that's actually shorts??!!!"

Anyways yesterday Nanda, Ratih, Dewi and I went for a bit of girlish fun at Pondok Indah Mall.
I'll post the pics later as soon as Nanda's uploaded them lol.
(My phone was dead and so I couldn't take crappy cellphone pics for you guys LOL.)

As today was a lazy day--I ate breakfast before taking a bath LOL, nothing could get lazier than that--I now present you a crappy picture of me right after waking up.

[image removed]

Yes and you get a free crappy pose to go along with the pic as well!!! :)

P.s. Yes I know the pic's blurred.

Hating and Swingin'.


Written on 5/16/2009 06:36:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

I posted a 1996 Cool Shavin' Ken Commercial in Hasbi's facebook account.
And after a minute or two of browsing around Barbie Collectors' Channel, I was gonna post a vid of the 1990 Barbie Children Summit or something, which I thought cool.

BUT seemingly someone beat me to it.

Not that she *yes I'm hating* posted the vid I was gonna post... But suddenly she posted lots of Barbie vids which I knew immediately she got the idea from reading Hasbi's wall.

Damn it.

Anyways I want Francie's hair!
So I can be swingin' too!!! ;)

Australian Winterwear.


Written on 5/15/2009 02:01:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

This July I'm gonna go to Australia to attend AMUNC 2009 hosted by the University of Queensland.

It's gonna be winter there so I'm preparing winter clothings for the occasion.

The thing is I don't really know what type of clothes they do wear in Australia. And though I've searched the net and asked some friends, I'm still not satisfied.

But what I do know is that they're pretty casual down under and that the weather there isn't really very cold. I've read up on the net that winter there is like spring in London. If spring in London is like Autumn in NY, then I really shouldn't dress very heavily.

These are some inspirations, although I doubt very much that I'll be able to dress like them... ;)

Stylist, Celestine Cooney, Yohji Yamamoto fashion show, May 2008

Jane Keltner, Gloria Baume, Taylor Tomasi of Teen Vogue, March 2008

Carine Roitfeld, Christian Dior fashion show, February 2008

Julia Frakes (left) and "Givenchy bow headband lady" (right), Paris Fashion Week, April 2009

Now these are looks that I know I can't pull off... (Not like I can pull off the previous three though LOL.)
But I'd love to fantasize... :P

Models Sasha Pivovarova and Vlada Roslyakova, Chanel show, April 2009

The amazing and effortless Kate Lanphear, Paris Fashion Week, April 2009

The images are from the JAK & JIL blog.
The first three are actually from their old blog, and you should actually hear me squeak "Eep!" when I found the pics posted on the front page. :)


3:32 PM, May 15th, 2009

Of all the coincidence, I just read on Garance Doré:

Girls in Australia, they take on autumn with a philosophy. It never really does get cold anyway. In the boutiques, sweaters mix it up with swimsuits and sandals. They pick out a few warmer pieces from a winter wardrobe but wear them with bare legs and caramel skin.

It’s like it’s make-believe winter, just for fun or something.

I love this interseasonal mix but it totally drives me crazy: I’m so jealous! And here I am, thinking I would come back and find springtime!

Pfff…. Take me back to my Australian autumn!

Fainting and Seizures.


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Fainting and seizures. That was exactly what had happened today.

When I was still in elementary school, I had a friend Rahmi who was prone to fainting during gym class or flag ceremonies. Then I had wondered what it must have felt like to just black out like that. Little did I know that I would experience it later in life, notably today.

I was at my dad's office, getting my blood tested, and though I was--and am--VERY much afraid of needles, it was a regular thing.

And so I went in the lab, doing the usual my shutting-my-eyes-tight-while-having-my-blood-taken thing, and then got out of there as fast as my feet could take me.

The thing is I was feeling mighty nauseous, my vision was blurry and I was getting lightheaded.
My mom gave me some mineral water to drink and we sat down as I wasn't feeling so well.

And then everything went BLACK.

I imagine being electrocuted must feel very similar to the fit I was having as I could feel the electric surge running through my body. My whole body went "dead" and I seemingly have no strength for movement. I could hear voices but could only make out smudges of colors and abstract shapes around me as I stirred into consciousness. They put me in a wheelchair and I was steered to one of the rooms in the clinic.

They set me up with oxygen, as I couldn't breathe properly. I could hear the nurse/doctor talking to my mom asking questions "Has this ever happened before?" to which my mom said no.

They then checked my heart and not long after took my blood AGAIN[!!!] and checked my tension. After that they told me to take a rest while waiting for the results to come out.

I had low blood pressure, that much I knew and that was also the result. In addition my glucose level was low.

We figured it was because I had been going home so late at night these days, usually 8:30 PM, and when I did get to the house I didn't immediately rest or take a break from all the feverish activities I was doing. Hence me collapsing and having a spell.

But after resting and getting something to eat I felt a whole lot better. I was even able to drive home! :)

In addition to that I went to Senayan City, one of Jakarta's major malls, and even picked up both of my sisters at their schools.

I guess I had been tiring myself out lately, and it looks like tonight I have to do so again as I have to study for tomorrow's International Taxation quiz plus I have to finish two assignments (International Taxation and Auditing 202) that are due tomorrow... Damn it. :(

Chocolates & Avocados.


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This was the time my sister, Tamara and I ate dessert for lunch! LOL.

It was a total of 3 avocados, a whole lot of condensed milk, and 3 3-in-1 Milo sachets.

Yum! :D :D :D

Being Huggable.


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5:45 PM 5/12/2009

Today I'll be doing a series of blog posts to let the blog catch up to current events.

The first post is on last Thursday's outfit, of which Hasbi said I was very huggable in indeed.

That sounded like a poor pick-up line coming out of his mouth but I wonder whether that was true for all guys--that girls look huggable on some type of outfits more than others--and whether one's huggability by a guy is universally shared by all.

I know the latter was rather unlikely.

But Hasbi explained of the former that there were outfits that I wore that made him want to hug me more than others. This didn't mean that while I was wearing other less huggable outfits, he wouldn't want to hug me, but certain outfits do kindle a certain longing for him to hug me.

In short, certain outfits act like "hug-stimulants" that when worn (by the wearer) and seen (by the observer), they would incite the observant's hugging desire to the wearer.

I didn't know, and still don't frankly, what was so special about what I wore as I though it made me look very full up top (more than usual) and even fatter. But Hasbi gave me a hug that day so maybe I should wear it more lol.

I asked him in what outfits did I look more huggable than others and the events when my outfit inspired him to hug me.

He said it was on those days when I put in more efforts in my outfits, which is rare, and I realized that more often than not I look very un-huggable indeed. :'( :p

6:07 PM 5/12/2009



Written on 5/10/2009 12:39:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

I've been wanting to post my outfit for last Thursday. But I never seem to have the chance to.

Anyhow, my lipstick/lipgloss is running out and now I haven't been wearing it to campus and am just saving it for when I go out.

I've looked everywhere in Jakarta's major malls whether they have my lipstick/lipgloss--yes it has that dual quality of being both a lipstick and lipgloss at the same time without being too shiny or glossy like you've eaten something oily.

But alas they don't have it. :'(

It's a Japanese brand, Couleur Inc., and I can only buy it when I go to Singapore during vacations.

But for now I'm just content trying to find its replacement, at least something that has the same bright orangey-red color/tinge to it.

Love their lips! :)

Alexis Bledel

Dita Von Teese

Batik Shirts and Bangles. :)


Written on 5/08/2009 07:04:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

Hey! I'm back now! :)

I've been meaning to post this for some time now but what with schoolwork and presentations and getting an internship and all, it's been quite hard to do so.

Anyways, like I said in Colon Parenthesis. :), I went to Jogja last week and bought home quite a LOT of stuffs.

One of which is this Batik blouse.

I had fallen in LOVE with it as soon as I laid eyes on it.
And without hesitating I immediately bought it.

The salmon-colored dragon-like details on the front that extend to the back and arms, the lavender zigzag vertical patterns as well as the blue flowers...
I absolutely love it!

The only thing is it made me look old, at least in my opinion.
And my mom actually agreed!

We both concurred that it made me look 20-something.

And I'm 18!!!

But it didn't make me love the blouse less though hehe.
It's just that you won't see me wear it often. ;)

On top of the batik blouses and dresses, I also bought home accessories, among which were Batik bangles and scarves.
I totally went crazy for the accessories and literally SPLURGED.

I mean who can help it? They were so cute...

And so the other day I wore my new Batik bangles and necklaces to campus.
See the pattern on the bangles?
Simply adorable. :)

I really like wearing loose shirts like this gray buttoned-down shirt on the pic.
The thing is it's quite hard to find shirts that'll come out as loose when I wear them as I'm full up top.
This really contradicts my lower part of body as it's real skinny.

I read in magazines that I have what you call an apple-shaped body, or even a cone-shaped body.
And I agree.
My shoulder blades are wider than my hips.
And I wear size L shirts with size 26 pants!

Anyways, gotta get to school. I'm already late as it is. :)

P.s. Yes that's the new hair. Not so Katy Perry-ish anymore now that the styling's wore off lol.



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Yes HAPPINESS!!! Eep!*

From left to right, top row to bottom row: Oscar de la Renta sleeveless coat, Christian Lacoix dress, See by Chloé dress, and Moschino Cheap and Chic dress, all from Net-a-Porter; Marni flower necklace, from Net-a-Porter, Valentino wedges from Luisa via Roma, Christian Louboutin petal clutch bag, Fendi rose clutch, and Matthew Williamson print bag, all from Net-a-Porter; Etro top, from Browns, Luella top from Net-a-Porter, House of Holland vest from Browns, and See by Chloé skirt from Net-a-Porter; Missoni dress and Moschino dress, both from Net-a-Porter, Marni strapless dress from Browns, and Maje strapless dress from Net-a-Porter.
Collage assembled by the people of Hapsical.
© Hapsical 2009, All Rights Reserved.

I read on Hapsical that:
"One of the big trends for spring/summer 2009 is floral prints, particularly big, bold, bright prints, often in acid colours."

And I'm absolutely loving the SS09 Valentino bags!!! :D

*Eep sounds like a choked little shriek of excitement btw. :)

New Do? [Well Not Really.]


Written on 5/03/2009 05:50:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

5:42 PM 5/3/2009


Just got back from the salon.

I cut my hair and now it looks kinda Katy Perry-ish, if Katy Perry can be used as an adjective .

But then again that was how my hair had ALWAYS looked.
(Well it was pretty close. Prior to the recent wavy-ism my hair had adopted that is.)


Oh well.

I'll post the pics later!

5:44 PM 5/3/2009

Colon Parenthesis. :)


Written on 5/03/2009 02:05:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

Of course this is from my favorite webcomic Count Your Sheep.

I've been getting lazy lately and I've got nothing interesting to post. The last exciting thing I did was when I went to INACRAFT 2009 and bought a new pair of wedges, and then to Jogja where I bought home about 15 batik silk scarves--I think--and also about 5 batik blouses and dresses (can't wait to wear them!!!). The real thing is I'm too lazy to take pictures of them... Or even to post the event in the blog lol.

Schoolwork's been crazy lately. Not only am I OVERLOADED with the assignments, but there's this thing about whether I should graduate normally (4 years) or whether I should graduate early (3.5 years), trying to do a cost and benefit analysis of both and finding out that I wouldn't be worse off or better off taking one or the other.

So now I'm finding a place for me to have an internship for the final assignment.

And it's CRAAAZY hard!

I almost missed Aikido yesterday because I was deeply engrossed in reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. But after attending the class, I almost wished I had just read Wicked instead of attending the lesson.

Aikido yesterday was SUCKY because of Hakim Sensei. And the fact that Cici (my closest friend at the dojo) wasn't there made it even worse. Man! I really looked forward for today's lesson with Jamal Sensei but there was no class today... :(

And then my-not-really-ex-boyfriend got mad because I didn't pick up any of his calls for the whole day and after we made up that night, I got mad because of something that he said.

But at the end of the day, I think this strip best summarizes how I feel:

So, colon parenthesis everybody!!! :)