Just Plain Sad.


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Kwetiauw Ayam Goreng.
Cant get you off my mind now.
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Dam Breakout and Earth Hour.


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Man, my back is still hurting and my feet too! I was stuck in a 2-and-a-half hour traffic (from 4:30PM to 7PM or so last night) due to the dam breakout yesterday.

Anyways the Situ Gintung dam, which was 76 years old by the way, broke out yesterday, causing the death of approximately 60 people with 10 still M.I.A.

People have been calling non-stop to the house, asking whether my family's okay because our house isn't really that far/quite close to the area. In fact, my Eyang Putri, my grandmama (from my father's side), had just called to ask whether we're okay.

Now my mom and my sisters and I are gathering clothes to give to the victims of the breakout. :'( Will you give them some too?

Last night's traffic jam captured by my camera phone.

The president and the vice president were there yesterday, it was mainly due to this that the traffic was so jammed yesterday. Not to mention the news media were also there along with political parties' and NGOs' trucks and cars bringing food and clothes and setting up shelter. And then there were also people crowding the site and insolent, obstinate moped-drivers blocking the road. So you could imagine how frustating it was to be in the middle of the traffic.

The thing is I didn't suspect that there was a dam breakout the morning it happened. I remember passing by Pasar Jumat, and seeing people hoisting up a refrigerator inside which was this heavy wet sack. I had thought that the sack and fridge contained a dead, mutilated body perhaps, seeing that was the trend in Indonesia's criminal activities. But as it was mid-term I couldn't pull up and ask what was going on. It was only after my mom texted me what had happened did I realize what that was all about.

Anyhow, don't forget to turn off the lights tonight, March 28 at 8.30PM.
Remember you can VOTE EARTH by switching off your lights for an hour - EARTH HOUR. :D
Click the pic below to find out more how you can show your support. :D

Intan's Relationship Chronicle.


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The Stupidest Thing.


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Haha. The Business Risk Management mid-term is today.

I had thought it was at 8:30 AM. Buuuuuuutt, it turned out that it will start at 1:30 PM!!!

Yes, I am MESSED UP.

Haha. The thing is, my friend Echie and I were already at campus since 8AM.

Okay WE are MESSED UP.

Haha anyways so now we're BROWSING. And not studying at ALL hahahaha. :D

The KISS. :-*


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Hehe I'm back again, doing one of those blogrolls.

It's mid-term and Business Risk Management is tomorrow.

I was reading the materials last night when I got bored and went to sleep.
And then I had this crazy dream.

I couldn't really remember what exactly happened but this is the main idea...

So I was in Building A, now called the Nathanael Iskandar building, and I was looking at the SPA bulletin board. It said that the organization was gonna hold a free, medical check up visit to a lot of these doctors or something I couldn't quite remember.

After that, a bunch of management students were sitting in front of the bulletin board asked me when I approached whether they could get the free check up also. I said yes, seeing that it didn't actually say that only accounting students could participate. [Note: SPA is an accounting students organization]

And among those guys sitting in front of the board was this guy whom I've had a crush on a long time ago haha. ;)

Anywaaaayss, so we went on the visit.

I got separated from the group because I strayed into this bakery-coffee shop and had a real good time looking at richly colorful buildings in the area, which doesn't exist in real life mind you.

So I went round and round for some time, enjoying myself and even bumped into Ahmad Albar, the frontman of the legendary Indonesian rock band God Bless, no not the LL Cool J album.

At last I found where the others were but I had to cross this little moat or something--there was no bridge--and I was afraid that I was gonna fall into it. Across the moat, the land was squishy and muddy either so I was afraid I was gonna slip and fall if I jump.
[This is a dream people, I know that the Ahmad Albar and the moat don't make sense.]

The "good thing" was that there was this pillar that we could actually use to propel us for the jump. But I was too scared as the moat was pretty wide. Anyhow, people were encouraging me from the other side--imagine sports movies when it was the last minute of the game and the audience were doing the slow clap for the main lead(s).

And then the guy that I told you before, the one I had a crush on, reached out his hand to me, and told me to hold his hand.

"Jump," he said encouragingly with the CUTEST smile ever on his face. I was melting hehe.

And so I jumped and he caught me with his arms around my hips!
And then with the slightest gesture he kissed my cheek haha!

I woke up smiling. Heck I'm still smiling now! ;)
I remembered having those almost-waking-up-but-still-kinda-asleep moments thinking to myself, "Did he really kiss me?!!! DID HE REALLY?!!"

Hehe yes he did. :-*

Specs. :-*


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I wear glasses. And after my favorite pair of glasses, half-frame and shocking lime green, went missing/got stolen Idk, I decided to wear contact lenses.

After wearing ordinary clear ones, I went crazy for about three months and wore purple contact lenses, which--as oddly as it may sound--suited me[!] Shocking, I know.

Now I'm wearing light brown, which people said made me look like a bule, the Bahasa Indonesia equivalent of gringa.

But lately wearing contact lenses bore me. It took too much time and I started to wear my old glasses, a silver square one with snakeskin for the handles.

The things is, one of those little plastic thingies that was supposed to hold up your nose went missing. And now I want a new one. Like the one in the pic posted above. :D

Don't you think it looks absolutely cute?

Well if you don't, I still do anyways. ;) Hehe.

Anne Hathaway's Long Bob Is Simply LOVE! :D


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I've been meaning to post this for some time now. :D

Last time I posted that I was gonna have the "Oh Min Ji" hair, but then I realized that the curls were too intricate and it'd have to wait some time for my hair to grow out appropriately for the style to work.

I've been using this shampoo that was supposed to make your hair grow fast and pretty, but still it'd take time.

Anywaaaaaaaaayyss, my hair's long enough for the Anne Hathaway Long Bob!!! Haha I made that name up. I love love LOVE it! As soon as I saw it I googled it and printed the pic haha jk.

The only question is really, when will I have time to go to the salon? ;)

Chiiyaaaatt!!! *martial arts whooshing sounds*


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Hehe. So an Aikido dojo recently opened not far from my house. And I'm interested in joining in!

I would actually love to join a Pencak Silat school of martial arts instead--in fact I've wanted to join one since I was in elementary school, but it's too far away. :'(

I'm starting April 1st!!!


Luxurious Lunch! ; d


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I LOVE Saturdays and Sundays!!!
But why these particular days, you might ask!? It's because of the FOOD, people!!!

So today my mom and dad cooked:

1. Nasi merah, or red rice in English.

Nasi merah is a variant of the regular rice. It's high in fiber yet low in carbs. So it's good for you who wish to go on a low-carb diet. :)

2. Sayur Asem

A traditional Indonesian vegetable soup, with a slight sour yet sweet taste. Its ingredients include groundnuts, melinjo (Latin name: gnetum gnemon), belimbing wuluh (Latin name: Averrhoa bilimbi), labu siam (Latin name: sechium edule, chayote/christophine in English), yardlong beans, tamarinds, and corns.

3. And then Pepes Ayam Madu.

This one is a weird one. Normally people have either a Pepes Ayam,

which is chicken marinated with ground spices, seasonings, lemon basils, tomatoes, and chilis, wrapped in banana leaves and then grilled, or an Ayam Madu,

which is Baked Chicken with Honey.

So you combine the two and basically what you get is amazing!!! ;)

I was gonna post pics but the food was so enticing that I dug in at once haha. :D
Bon apetit! : d

Oh shi[r]t! And purple tights too...


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Love her shirt! :D
I think I'm gonna make myself one...
The only thing is I can't... Because it's MID-TERM!!! :(
And then I really like her jacket (see below). I think I saw one in N.y.L.a. the other day... Oh man why do I have to have mid terms!!! Or any kind of exams actually. ;)

Plus I like the purple tights/stockings... And I know there's one for Rp30,000 at ITC Depok!
Man, speaking of Depok I just remembered mid-term again... :'(

Washed Denim, Shredded Shirt and Floral Patterns.


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I think everybody knows by now my obsession with floral patterns.

I want ur skirt Madeleine M!!!

And then there is another recent obsession with light, washed denim.

Gimme gimme gimme!

Simply <3

And yet another one with shredded shirt... Can anybody tell me how to shred a shirt properly?
I tried googling it... to no avail...

The perfectly shredded shirt. <3

Heartbreak VII


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My Song, His Song. Never Again Will It Be Our Song.


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Kiseki - GReeeeN


Ashita kyou yori mo suki ni nareru
I'll be loving you more tomorrow than today
Afureru omoi ga tomaranai
These overflowing thoughts won't stop
Ima mo konna ni suki deiru no ni kotoba ni dekinai
Even though I love you so much until now, I can't put it into words
Kimi no kureta hibi ga tsumikasanari
The days you gave me pile up
Sugisatta hibi futari aruita kiseki
The miracle of the days that passed that we walked together
Bokura no deai ga moshi guuzen naraba unmei naraba
Our first meeting might be coincidence or fate
Kimi ni meguriaeta sore ga kiseki
But to meet you again and again, that's a miracle
Futari yori sotte aruite eien no ai wo katachi ni shite
As we walked side by side, an everlasting love took shape
Itsumademo kimi no yoko de waratteitakute
I want to be laughing by your side forever
Arigatou ya ah
Thank you
Aishiteru ja mada
I love you
Tarinai kedo semete iwasete shiawase desu to
It may not be enough but at least let me say that I'm happy

Itsumo kimi no migi no tenohira wo tada boku no hidari tenohira ga
Your right palm was always covered just by my left palm
Sotto tsutsundeku sore dake de
Even with just that
Tada ai wo kanjiteita
I could feel love
Hibi no naka de chiisa na shiawase
In those days, we found small happiness and piled them up
Mitsuke kasane yukkuri aruita kiseki
The miracle we slowly walked
Bokura no deai wa ooki na sekai de
Our meeting in this large world
Chiisa na dekigoto meguriaeta sore ga kiseki
That small event, meeting again, that is a miracle
Umaku ikanai hibi datte
There are days that I can't go on
Futari de ireba hare datte
If we are together, the weather clears
Tsuyogari ya sabishisa mo wasurerareru kara
Pretending to be strong and being lonely can't be forgotten
Boku wa kimi de lala
Because of you
Boku de ireru lala
I can be here
Dakara itsumo soba ni ite yo itoshii kimi e
So always stay with me, to you, my beloved

Futari fuzake atta kaerimichi
In the home town where we played together
Sore demo taisetsu na bokura no hibi
Even that is our treasured days
Omoi yo todoketo tsutaeta toki ni
The times when we told and expressed our thoughts
Hajimete miseta hyoujou no kimi
Was the first time you showed that facial expression
Sukoshi aida ga aite kimi wa unazuite
You opened up a bit with a nod
Bokura no kokoro mitasareteku ai de
The love that made me show you my heart
Bokura mada tabi no tochuu de mata korekara saki mo nanjuunen
We're still in the middle of a journey, again, from now on, even before, in tens of years
Tsudzuite ikeru you na mirai e
We continue towards the future

Tatoeba hora ashita wo miushinaisou ni bokura natta toshite mo
For example, look, even if we seem to lose sight of tomorrow...

Futari yori sotte aruite eien no ai wo katachi ni shite
As we walked side by side, an everlasting love took shape
Itsumademo kimi no yoko de waratteitakute
I want to be laughing by your side forever
Arigatou ya ah
Thank you
Aishiteru ja mada
I love you
Tarinai kedo semete iwasete shiawase desu to
It may not be enough but at least let me say that I'm happy

Umaku ikanai hibi datte
There are days that I can't go on
Futari de ireba hare datte
If we are together, the weather clears
Yorokobi ya kanashimi mo subete wakeaeru
We'll share everything even happiness and sadness
Kimi ga irukara ikiteikeru kara
Because you're here, because you're living on

Dakara itsumo soba ni ite yo itoshii kimi e
So always stay by my side, to you, my beloved

Saigo no ichibyou made
Until the last second

Ashita kyou yori egao ni nareru kimi ga iru dake de
More than today, tomorrow you will be here with a greater smile
Sou omoeru kara nanjuunen nanhyakunen nanzennen doki wo koeyou
Just with that, because I think that even if tens, hundreds, or thousands of years pass
Kimi wo aishiteru
I love you

Another fight, another break up.


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5:07 AM 3/20/2009

I woke up probably at 4 this morning.
I didn't want to sleep but I wasn't keen on getting up either.
And so I just laid there on my bed with my eyes closed.

My mind kept playing over and over again the scenes that Hasbi described to me on his text messages. I felt horrible, like I'm some sort of mean monster. But then the self-justification started kicking in. That he wasn't all that good either.

Why didn't he tell me that he was gonna have a class presentation? Why did he tell me that his class finished at 4 while it really finished at 5? When I called him, if the class presentation was indeed sudden as he said it was, why didn't he tell me that he couldn't make it at 4 because he has that presentation? Why did he insist on making me come to "sit in" his class, never telling me that he actually wanted me to watch him do the presentation, but made it seem like it would be just easier to get to my car?

Why didn't he tell me what he was gonna do when we went to FH to give Dila back her car? Why didn't he tell me he was gonna park Dila's car, instead of making me do rounds around the parking lot on mine? Why didn't he tell me how he was gonna give Dila back her keys? I had no idea what he was gonna do so I was just following him around in my car.

When we got in the car, didn't he get it that I couldn't drive while holding hands or being hugged or stuff like that!? And I just hate it how he compared me and the way that I drive to himself. Go drive yourself home if you don't like it. Why didn't he get it that we've gotten out of campus at 5-something PM so we're gonna arrive at his house about an hour or so later, and what time would I get home? Didn't he get it that I would have to drive home alone and in the dark too?

He knew how dark the road to my house is! He knew it but he wouldn't understand it. I believe I have every right to be pissed because of his disorganization and lack of information-sharing I had to go home late when I could be enjoying myself at home, doing my homework early so I wouldn't be rushed and sneaking in classes doing my homework, I could watch the American Idol results show in peace, etc etc. He knew that I have SPM today, and that the homework was always a burden! He knew that every week I couldn't finish my hw on time because of how much problems imposed by the homework. I hated it I hated it I hated it and I hated him especially for this.

And before I knew it, we broke up again without having even gotten back together. Dammit.

6:11 AM 3/20/2009

Matt Giraud :D


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What really got me hooked on Matt Giraud:

Matt Giraud - Human Nature.mp3 - Matt Giraud

Last night's performance:

Floral Skirts and Pocket Watches.


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I want the skirt!
Must go to Senen. Must convince Echie to go after Mid-Term!


They had lots of pocket watches in Singapore. And they were cheap too. I knew I shoulda bought it!

Grandpa's Love. The Best Hao Shaowen (Bo Bo Ho) Movie Ever


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Have you ever cried when watching a movie? What was the first movie that you cried to? Mine was the 1994 movie Grandpa's Love (Zu Sun Qing). I watched it on TV when I was in elementary school or so, I forgot what grade.

I cried my eyes out when I watched the movie and even woke my mom up by my crying hehe.

The movie starred Hao Shaowen, otherwise known as Bo Bo Ho, a very famous child actor at the time in Shaolin movies as the comic relief. The other leads were Jimmy Lin as Hao Shaowen's older brother and Lang Xiong as the grandpa.

Plot Synopsis:
Jiang Xing Jian (Jimmy) and his 4 year old brother Xing Kang (Hao Shao Wen), whose parents died in a plane crash, lived with their grandpa, who’s the chairman of a big company. Grandpa expected the 17 year old Ah Jian to be a good example for Ah Kang, but whenever Ah Kang got into trouble, grandpa would blame Ah Jian. This made Ah Jian felt that grandpa seems to favour his younger brother more and doesn't try to understand his feelings.

Soon, it's grandpa's birthday and Ah Jian was preparing to go out and buy a gift for him but Ah Kang, seeing his brother leaving with his bicycle, pester him to bring him along. Ah Jian refused but Ah Kang made a nuisance of himself and wouldn't stop crying unless he agrees to bring him. Ah Jian had no choice but to agree.

While Ah Jian was looking around at all the gifts, Ah Kang followed a group of children who ran past and later got lost. Ah Jian came out and found Ah Kang missing, made a frantic search. When he was at a total despair, Ah Kang finally found him and it was a touching reunion.

After getting the gift, they had to rush home before grandpa does. Ah Jian with Ah Kang on their bicycle held on a moving vehicle so that it'll be faster to reach home. However, grandpa's car was just behind them and had caught sight of them. Grandpa was fuming mad with Ah Jian for endangering he and his brother. But Ah Kang told grandpa that brother had specially got him a gift, till then did he cool down.

Advised by their uncle, grandpa decided to give Ah Jian another chance, and offered to bring him to Hong Kong for a business trip. Ah Jian was very happy about the friendship offered by grandpa. One day, however, Ah Jian found a video that had their parents but Ah Kang suddenly burst into the room. He tried to stop his little brother from watching the tape but he snatched the remote control from Ah Jian and accidentally erased the video tape that had their parents’ clips. Ah Jian went to all the video shops to find a way to recover the clips but it was impossible. He then went to a pub and got himself drunk.

When Grandpa saw him returning home drunk, he was very upset, and as a punishment to Ah Jian, he went on to Hong Kong on his own. Feeling both depressed and a sense of desperation. Ah Jian went to climb a tree which is just above the waterfall to relieve his frustrations, but to his surprise, Ah Kang followed him there. Ah Kang suddenly fell and encountered a snake. Fearing for his little brother’s safety, he tried to climb back to the bank to reach his brother but one of his hands slipped and he plunged down.....

Synopsis courtesy of Jimmy Lin Fans' Zone

Crayon Shin-Chan!


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LOL. This doll is so cute and it actually records and plays sounds. :)

Hasbi told me I look like him. :'( I don't, right? Hehe. ;)

Chaaaaaaaaaarrm bracelet! :)


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5:54 AM 3/17/2009

Hehe charm bracelets! What girl doesn't like them?

Anyways I, along with my mom and my sisters, made charm bracelets last night! Eight of them!!! I was gonna post the pictures but I'm not exactly a genius at photography... Hehe. I keep getting a shadow over the bracelets that I was gonna take pictures of.

2 of the bracelets I made for myself, and 2 other for each of my sisters! The rest we're gonna sell. And at a very affordable price too! ;) If you go to the mall and ask for a charm bracelet, the shopkeeper would probably propose some incredulous prices; hundreds of thousands of rupiahs!!! Even when you go to Citos for the Ladies' Day bazaar and ask for a charm bracelet they would probably price it at about 200-300 thousand rupiahs for one.

My charm bracelets have the same, if not better quality, than that sold at Citos and whatnots, but at less than half the price!!! :D :D :D

I am excited! Can't wait to bring them to school!!! ;)

6:02 AM 3/17/2009

Gold Lion! :)


Written on 3/16/2009 05:57:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

People keep posting these personality tests thingy on facebook. And so I got curious and tried some of them. So I tried this site, DOUBUTSU URANAI.

DOUBUTSU URANAI uses the date of birth, based on the Four Pillars of Destiny, that breaks down the human characteristics into 12 different kinds of animals. I found this one pretty accurate.

I actually put in my name 4 times! And it all came out Gold Lion. :D


You are Gold Lion, who is rather serious and polite type of person.
You value personal relationships.
You suppress yourself and act to be a sociable person.
But you are really a person who doesn't like to loose to anyone.
You dislike emotional atmosphere and vague attitude.
You want to make everything clear-cut.
You like to stay in your own little world.
If you get in a situation where there are lots of people you can not express yourself and act as a perfect person.
You are not very subjective sort of person, unlike ordinary women, but unfortunately you lack soft and gentle atmosphere.
You tend to be too bold.
You cannot help but stretch your hand to those who are in need.
You are very kind person who helps the weak.
You are also weak on compliments, and will work enthusiastically after someone has given a compliment.
You will go about your duty steadily and loyally, and not get in a rush to achieve the objective.
You have perseverance, and will work effortlessly until you reach your objective.
Something that you have worked steadily for a long, long time, will turn out to be an asset to the world.
You are careful and rational, and therefore place value to steady life.
After getting married, you will be a devoted mother and a wife, but you are really a very dependent person, and prefer to keep your own little world.

Characteristics and Personality

1. Lions love special treatment and praise.
2. Lions say things like "Awesome!" and "Definitely!"
3. Lions don't complain and are hard on others
4. Lions are perfectionists
5. Lions are not good with numbers
6. Lions' mortal enemies are lack of sleep and an empty stomach
7. Lions own expensive things
8. Lions love silly puns
9. Lions are actually spoiled kids
10. Lions are outwardly impressive; but their rooms are a shambles


P.s. LOL. Hasbi's animal was sheep. No wonder we get into fights a lot.

Headbands ; ]


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Not everybody can wear headbands. I'm one of those people. I don't know what's exactly wrong but in my opinion, my hair just doesn't "support" the wearing of the headbands LOL. But still, LOVE LOVE LOVE Milla Jovovich's headband shown above.

Emma Roberts' is also quite simple and classy and quite wearable to most, if not all, occassions. :D

And then there's Mischa who quite helped popularize the headband. :)