Cakes and Tea.


Written on 6/14/2009 06:37:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

Today was surely one of the happiest days I've ever felt in the last two weeks.

The day started with me picking up Echie (an epithet for Jessica) at Kutek, where she had to go to an internet cafe to send in some report to her boss at Enriching-Life. And then we went to the campus library to read up on internship reports done by the school's alumni.
We literally pored our hearts and eyes out on those internship reports. Plus we could only read 6 reports a day damnit!

We were at loss for words because it seemed like no one had ever done a report on what we wanted to write on.
So there were no benchmarks.
I must say Echie was luckier because she did find this report that analyzed the revenue of this oil company, although Echie wanted to write about expenditures (quite the opposite).

But nobody had ever written about risk management!!!
And the ones who did were Management students (I'm an Accountancy and Finance major) and theirs were, I'm sorry to say, poorly made!

Anyways we were gonna grab a frozen yoghurt after, but the traffic jam was not so friendly to let us do so.
Instead we did some shopping and Echie walked out of the store with a pair of pretty, pretty wedges plus 2 stockings (grey and black), while I got a pair of knee-length black socks and a pair of black thigh-high stockings. :)

Afterwards, we went to The Harvest to satisfy our sweet tooths. ;)

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Echie had a strawberry cheesecake and I had a chocolate mousse.
We shared our blueberry tea. ;)

Being on campus, even for a short while made me realize just how much I miss school...

Not this part though.

Sitting upright on my bottom bed bunk, leaning on the wall, a Pokemon folding desk on my lap with a book propped open--in this case my Auditing book--with a stationery set ready at hand.

Hehe. It's quite uncanny for one to actually MISS school! But I do. And it was this that made up my mind to go and get a Masters degree scholarship before I decide to throw myself into the job market.
Plus it pays more when you're a graduate rather an undergrad I heard. All in all wish me luck in my studies! :)

View from my desk.

My desk. It was still morning so there were no paperworks on the desk yet.

What's in my drawer. ;)
Gotta have mouthwash and a mint candy!

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  1. JC |

    I do absolutely happy too, Tan..
    especially that we can meet our friends in campus and the shoes as well..hahaha..

    kapan nii mau jalan bareng2 lagi?

  2. Jasper12.01u |

    Next week most definitely! I want to go to The Secret Place.

  3. Jiewa |

    Choco mousseeeee... gila tuh, so slurpy =P~

  4. Jasper12.01u |

    Hehe. I know jie. I was gonna have seconds but i was TOO FULL! ;)

  5. The Divinitus |

    Great, seeing that chocolate mousse I'm hungry again.

  6. Jasper12.01u |

    OMG Thanks for visiting Divinitus (again YAY!). I may probably be your biggest fan lol. :D


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