Disturbed, Confused #2


Written on 4/14/2009 09:15:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

8:00 PM 4/14/2009

It was just yesterday
the feelings still engraved on my mind
on my slowly shattering heart
your hand on mine
your embrace
I can still feel it
I can still feel you

Raising my hand in front of my face
and what I see is a reflection of yours
our fingers intertwined

You feel so close
in fact so far
as if on two different islands
separated by an ocean
of volcanic emission
and the lava rocks never cool

I long to reach you
but can't
we ourselves make that impossible
with all the little fights
we get into
but never get out of
only buried
laid to rest
and then awakens
a more ferocious beast than before

I am tired
Aren't you?

8:09 PM 4/14/2009

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