The motion picture is like a picture of a lady in a half-piece bathing suit.


Written on 4/15/2009 07:24:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

-Raymond Chandler (American writer and author of detective fiction, 1888-1959)

LOL. I'm on a blogroll. Seems kinda ironic because some days ago I didn't have anything to say in my blog, or even to the people around me.

It's crazy how the power of the mind works. And how motivated you are to do something when you're happy.

Anywaaaaaaaayys, I'm not a swimsuit person myself....
No, that's wrong.
Well I do wear swimsuits when I swim, or rather wetsuits, because I don't want to get tanned.
*Btw I've been meaning to post about being tan and its connection to the Indonesian "standard" of beauty.*

Photo by Michael L. Baird of

But I've been having my eye on these babies!!!

They're available on Bleubird, this vintage shop, but there are three constraints. The first is as I've said, I wouldn't want to get tanned. Second, they're quite expensive when converted into Indonesian rupiahs. And thiiird, they're vintage.

Vintage as defined by Wikipedia:

Vintage clothing is a generic term for new or second hand garments originating from a previous era. The phrase is also used in connection with a retail outlet, e.g. "vintage clothing store." It can also be used as an adjective: "This dress is vintage.

The word vintage is copied from its use in wine terminology, as a more elegant-seeming euphemism for "old" clothes.

The definition alone made me a bit squeamish.
Remember that this is a bathing suit, people.

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