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6:03 AM 4/19/2009

I have a runny nose that is triggered whenever I get into contact with water. When I went to take a wudhu, my nose began to run; after I washed my face in the bathroom sink, my nose ran again; after I took a bath, there it ran again. And it took such a long time before it stopped!

A usual ritual in my house is for the family to recite the Qur'an, tilawatil Qur'an, after the Maghrib salat/contact prayer.
So there I was yesterday, in the musholla with my runny nose, messing up my reading because of my inability to breathe properly.

When you read Arabic, there are certain length and tones and ways of articulating the letters, words and sentences. And because of that runny nose I wasn't able to inhale and/or exhale properly, which of course affects my recital of the holy verses.

I had a box of tissue on my left and every now and so often, in the middle of an ayat, or when I've finished one, I would blow my nose hard in order to get rid of all that mucus, although unsuccessfully I must tell you. This was okay when it was my turn to deliver the verses, but when it was others', I don't think one could hear what the other recited. Proper execution of the verses, in terms of how they are read and pronounced/stated was crucial in delivering the verses and its meaning correctly, and I was afraid that my blowing and sneezing prohibited the feedback that came in perfecting the delivery.

Yeah so I messed that up.

But apart from that my mom bought me new glasses!!!

Image courtesy of visadiaries.com

We went to the optician yesterday to pick out a new glasses for me as my old one has been stolen, and my older one, though as adorable and as stylish [yes it is still in style ;) and I don't think it will ever go out of] as it is, is old. Hehe.

After a looooooooooooong, time of trying out glasses--there really were about 50 or so [no kidding!] glasses on the counter that I've tried on and all looked good on me [I swear you they ALL look GOOD on me! ;) Seriously though]--my choice came down to two pairs.

One was by Cartier and the other was Levi's.

I fell in LOVE with both of them, although my heart swayed more in to the Cartier's, the shape was unique, though both was rectangular, and both looked mighty GOOD on me.

But my mom was having second thoughts. And so we reasoned. And as moms are ALWAYS right, I went home with the Levi's instead and was incredibly HAPPY about it.

Whenever I caught a glimpse of myself reflected in mirrors, glass doors or in car windows and etc, I'd unconsciously smile feeling good about my appearance lol. This was really rather unwise as it was other people who worried that something bizzarre had happened up there in the attic. ;)

But having that new glasses reminded me terribly of my old glasses. It was Armani Next and had the brightest lime green rim and handles you've ever seen that it looked almost yellow at times.

I have never seen anybody wearing that glasses EVER in my life and I had thought that if not in the whole world, then in all of Indonesia I must have been the ONLY one who possessed that pair of glasses.

I cried in my room thinking of old Lemony [named after a favorite author]. And the fact that my room was the color lime green didn't help either and only pushed me into a deeper depression.

I had never found out where it went, where I lost it, and when.

It all remained a mistery.

A real ugly picture of me with Vada and Rora while wearing old Lemony.
I actually wanted to post another pic that was more appropriate (read: in which I look good) but this was the easiest to access (read: can be saved from Rora's friendster photos). :(

Lemony please come back to me I miss you.

And if there is anybody who's seen that glasses [its case was white and had a matching--lime green--lense cleaning cloth in it] I am willing to pay you a significant amount of money.

Please just give me back my Lemony. :'(

6:42 AM 4/19/2009

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