Electricity Outage at the Dojo.


Written on 4/10/2009 06:53:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

Earth Hour-Lights Out

No this is not an entry about Earth Hour. I just find the above pic appropriate hehe.

Last night's Aikido class was kindaa canceled LOL.

Because yesterday was the General Election for the legislative seats, I had previously thought that there wouldn't be any practice.
To confirm whether or not there would be a class, therefore I contacted my sensei and turned out that the class still commenced as usual.

So I went to practice in good spirits but when I got there, the dojo was literally pitch dark. The only light that came were from the headlights of my car and the dim streetlights.
I pulled over, still not entering the dojo grounds, weighing the odds of attending class or not. I was imagining a lot of horrible and unseemly things that could happen to a girl in the dark.

Still contemplating the chances, I strained my eyes to see further and found out that I could make out car shapes in the dark. That meant that there were actually students [or thieves] in the dojo.

I had made up my mind.
I was going in.

When I got there, the dojo's security guards were busy huddling over the power box in the wall. Turned out that the electricity's out, and the switch thingy that was supposed to turn it back on was busted.

I clutched my cell tightly; before I got out of the car I had dialed 112, the equivalent of 911, and my thumb was ready to press the call dial if anything bad were to happen. I went upstairs to the class and found out that my friends and senseis were there; the mattresses were laid out and the guys were putting on their robes and knotting their belts, which can get a bit tricky.

We sat down in the seiza position, meditating, it went on for an hour aaaandd NOTHING HAPPENED.

And so class was rescheduled today at 8AM. :D


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