Teenage Angst.


Written on 4/17/2009 12:04:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

10:08 PM 4/16/2009

Today was an unexpectedly horrible day.

Pretty ironic too as the day had started pretty nicely indeed and I had thought that it was just gonna be full of laughs and silliness and having fun with friends.., but turned out that I was wrong.

I won't go into details here else I'd succumb to my "teenage angst" mode lol. But the thing is:
it SUCKS fighting with your best friend[!].

I was in a bad mood all day and night and just simply couldn't
concentrate on anything else besides the fight.
On top of that, almost
everybody got a share of my mood. My not-really-ex-boyfriend, acquintances, associates and classmates, and even innocent passerbys!
I was making quite a show mind you.

As soon as I got home I called the "best friend" and gave her a piece of my mind only to find out that it was
all for naught.
Good thing I have Rora--my bestest and oldest friend in university that was closer to being on top of it all my personal psychiatrist/psychologist/psychoanalyst--was available to listen to all my problems, gave feedback, and even some fabulous suggestions to take care of the situation.

It had seemed as if some of the knives that were sticking out of my chest were pulled out and though bleeding, the blood was coagulating and the wounds were slowly closing. But still it ruined my mood for the rest of the day.

I had looked forward to Aikido practice to vent off a bit of my anger but found it VERY HARD to concentrate and ended up messing up all the moves and maneuvers and to top it off,
Sensei Hakim was being VERY ANNOYING indeed.
I hated him very much today.

Today was a

I wish tomorrow would be better.

The only good thing about today was that Matt didn't get eliminated from II. And even that I couldn't enjoy because of that lack of concentration.

I hate today very much indeed.
And I'm not exactly looking forward to tomorrow either for fear of running into the "best friend."
And Saturday's even WORSE!
We have

I'm gonna throw up.

10:26 PM 4/16/2009


7:43 AM 4/18/2009

We made up yesterday.

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