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Written on 4/25/2009 04:56:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

6:20 PM 4/24/2009

A friend of mine Yosu joked, "Who died that you're wearing all black the last few days?!"

This Friday.

Now Yosu's taking it a biiiiiiiit far as it's only been two days. But him saying that made me realize that without realizing it (when I put the clothes on), it's been two days in a row now that I've been wearing an all-black outfit. :)

Now I've made you all confused.

My friend Nining said, upon seeing me today at campus, that I look slimmer. And I told her it's all that black. That it possessed a "slimming effect" on people.

But then I realized that yesterday, even though I wore all black like today, I looked far than slim.

This Thursday.

I looked fat, even.

And so my theory that black has a slimming effect failed to prove itself.

After studying yesterday's circumstances again, three things can be inferred:
  1. Loose flowing tops, even though it's black, are not complemented with loose flowing jackets
  2. One should make sure that one has pants that are the appropriate length to pair with one's flats. I think mine weren't and could be 1-2 cm longer
  3. When one's picture is taken while one's carrying quite a big bag, make sure that one's hand(s) do(es) not look dead. I made that mistake a few times as you can see. Not promising I won't make the same mistakes though lol

But let's not think of them as mistakes...let's just say they're ventures. Fashion ventures.
Me taking a crack at looking good lol.
:D :D :D

7:08 PM 4/24/2009

4:48 AM 4/25/2009

P.s. Despite all that, the things that I do like from Thursday's outfits were the patterns on the top and on the jacket...

I couldn't help it they were floral!!! :)

Plus they really do look good (separately), which made pairing them both seemed like a good idea at the time lol.

4:53 AM 4/25/2009

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  1. Jiewa |

    Black is cool, aku sendiri lebih banyak baju warna hitam dan putih di banding warna lain. But when I'm in the mood, I wear bright colorful shirt ^^

  2. Jasper12.01u |

    LOL. I agree my man. Black IS cool. Haha berarti kalo pas lagi jalan"makan jie lagi in the mood seringnya habisan bajunya biasanya bright. :)


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