Fashion Is All About Eventually Becoming Naked


Written on 4/06/2009 07:11:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

I don't actually know who said the quote that is the title of this post lol. But yeah so I'm feeling better now. I still look like a monster though. :'(

Anywaaaaaaaaayys we're going SHOE SHOPPING todaaay!!! Yay! :D :D :D

That aside, on account of AMUNC (Asia-Pacific Model of United Nations Council), which I'm gonna attend this July in Australia, I've been looking for jackets and coats and such![!!!]

I've still got lots from my days in the States, I know, but I'm a girl! I can't help it! If I could, I'd want to be able to shop for every occasion!

But then again there is this little thing called a budget constraint hehehe...

Anyways here's a list of jackets, bomber jackets to be exact (which I've always loved), that I like but probably won't be able to buy (myself, I mean).

The cheapest one is $195.65 and it's this fabulous DKNY Silk Bomber Jacket.

Here are the rest:

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
Cropped Cotton Jacket

Rick Owens
Metallic Finish Bomber

Leather Bomber Jacket
Washed-Leather Bomber Jacket
Washed-Leather Bomber Jacket
Washed-Leather Bomber Jacket

And don't you just LOVE it if you can go to the gym wearing these?!

Adidas by Stella McCartneyAdidas by Stella McCartney

And of course this one!!!
Leather and Knit Jacket

Don't you just LOVE Doma today?
Doma is also the name for a group of Argentinian street artists. Check them out! ;)

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