Hats, Scarves, Rings, and Interviews.


Written on 5/19/2009 07:31:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

So I had this interview earlier this morning with Mr. Aries of HR Department DBS and Mrs. Ariani of IBG. My stomach is lurching, turning, and all twisted inside. I am excited and nervous at the same time but mostly scared. Terrified. Cowering in fear. Petrified. Shaken. Panic-stricken. Aghast...

They're gonna call me later (I do hope I get a call pls!!!) but in the meantime it keeps me wondering how I'm gonna do my report, what I'm going to write, and whether it's gonna be accepted for someone taking an Accounting and Finance major. I mean it's CORPORATE BANKING!!! Account management! I don't know what I'll be doing!!! They tried to give me a big picture and behind all that nodding and smiling, I'm all muddled and confused inside! Yet on the other hand I keep sorting out my clothes in my head thinking of all the possibilities of clothing attires that I can mix and match for work.[!!!]

Anyways I want hats. Floppy hats and Trilbies. And rings too. Big, catch-everybody's-attention rings. I actually found 2 rings I liked--I forgot whether I've told you guys about this before in my previous post(s)--during Ladies' Day Citos bazaar last week but decided not to buy them. You can imagine the regret I felt (and feel) afterwards... :( And fringe tubular scarves, too--I might make an online purchase sometime this week I think.

I want to post pics but I'm too jittery right now to do so. :(
Wish me luck. :( :( :(

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