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Written on 5/03/2009 02:05:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

Of course this is from my favorite webcomic Count Your Sheep.

I've been getting lazy lately and I've got nothing interesting to post. The last exciting thing I did was when I went to INACRAFT 2009 and bought a new pair of wedges, and then to Jogja where I bought home about 15 batik silk scarves--I think--and also about 5 batik blouses and dresses (can't wait to wear them!!!). The real thing is I'm too lazy to take pictures of them... Or even to post the event in the blog lol.

Schoolwork's been crazy lately. Not only am I OVERLOADED with the assignments, but there's this thing about whether I should graduate normally (4 years) or whether I should graduate early (3.5 years), trying to do a cost and benefit analysis of both and finding out that I wouldn't be worse off or better off taking one or the other.

So now I'm finding a place for me to have an internship for the final assignment.

And it's CRAAAZY hard!

I almost missed Aikido yesterday because I was deeply engrossed in reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. But after attending the class, I almost wished I had just read Wicked instead of attending the lesson.

Aikido yesterday was SUCKY because of Hakim Sensei. And the fact that Cici (my closest friend at the dojo) wasn't there made it even worse. Man! I really looked forward for today's lesson with Jamal Sensei but there was no class today... :(

And then my-not-really-ex-boyfriend got mad because I didn't pick up any of his calls for the whole day and after we made up that night, I got mad because of something that he said.

But at the end of the day, I think this strip best summarizes how I feel:

So, colon parenthesis everybody!!! :)

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