Epic Shi[r]t.


Written on 5/28/2009 07:13:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

*Opening tune similar to that of the 70s gameshows is heard*

*The host appears, a middle aged man, tanned, with swept-back hair in a horrible suit and ascot grinning widely*

*Camera zoomed in on the host, full body*

Host (in a somewhat perky tone, all the while grinning to the camera):
Hello! And welcome back to the Crappy Pic Show where you get to see a crappy pic taken by a crappy quality cellphone camera taken in quite a crappy mood!

*Host smiles*

*Taped audience laughing is heard*

*Picture is shown on screen*

*Taped audience laughing is played back* *Twice*

*Host is back on screen*

And it seems like there's been a a crappy editing too!!!

*Host winks* *Punchline drum sounds*

Well that's it for today!
See you next time on the Crappy Pic Show with me the Crappy Host!

*Host waves and gives a somewhat military salute with only two of his fingers to the camera*

*Closing tune*


I was gonna post that on Tuesday but as I had finals the next day and so I didn't.

Anyways I got a call yesterday from DBS and they told me to come over either on Thursday (today) or on Friday to sign some paperwork before I start working June 1.


I told them I have finals on Friday but was free on Thursday (today), so I'm waiting for them to call when I should come over. :D :D :D

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