Study Session.


Written on 5/20/2009 10:42:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

So nothing interesting today.

I was being lazy all around the house until about 9AM, then took a bath and went off to campus looking like this:

Completely unimaginative but was perfectly suited for the International Taxation study session I was gonna have with some friends at the library as well as for meeting my academic counselor to consult about my internship report.

I'm thinking of asking DBS if I could be put in risk management.
But I'm absolutely at lost how to put that without sounding so ungrateful.

Frustating things aside. The sun was unbearably unfriendly today.
I was squinting the whole day and now I can't help but wonder whether I've gotten tanner *NO!!!* from being exposed to the sunlight.
Just what is it with South East Asians and their preference to lighter skin complexion???!!
On top of that the shirt made a me have a bit of a tummy there but who cares.

I'm off to sleep.

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