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Written on 5/17/2009 10:38:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

Enough said.

I want a boyfriend who'd wear my name on his shirts!!!


Anyways, this I wore on Friday. It was a pretty lazy day, despite me having 3 classes that day, and it called for a lazy outfit too. But, it wasn't my outfit I want to focus on! It was H's.

H looked gorgeous that day!

And though it doesn't show in the pic (damn you crappy cellphone photos!)--what with that mean face and crappy quality pic--the shirt was actually this checkered crisscross pattern of purple (of course), red, blue, and white.

It was absolute hearts from the moment I saw him that day! :)

Another funny thing was that he was actually driving behind my car that morning and he kept flashing his lights at me and honking. But I ignored him and was all like, "Just who is that idiot of a driver!?" LOL.

Now this one I wore on Thursday.

I have literally TONS (well not really but a lot anyways) of skorts and this was one of them.

Skorts and culotte shorts are the best thing to put on when you want to get lazy but not sloppy. :)

And though I wear them a lot, it was always a pleasure (for me at least) to hear people exclaim, "Whoa that's actually shorts??!!!"

Anyways yesterday Nanda, Ratih, Dewi and I went for a bit of girlish fun at Pondok Indah Mall.
I'll post the pics later as soon as Nanda's uploaded them lol.
(My phone was dead and so I couldn't take crappy cellphone pics for you guys LOL.)

As today was a lazy day--I ate breakfast before taking a bath LOL, nothing could get lazier than that--I now present you a crappy picture of me right after waking up.

[image removed]

Yes and you get a free crappy pose to go along with the pic as well!!! :)

P.s. Yes I know the pic's blurred.

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  1. Jiewa |

    Woakakkaka.. yeah yeah.. butuh keberanian extra dan muke tebel buat masang nama pacar di kaos (dan kemudian nongol di mall).

    But it looks sweet actually ^^

  2. Jasper12.01u |

    hahahahaha yes it is!
    boleh juga tuh jie bikin kaos nama pacar kaan?

  3. ChikitaRosemarie |

    hahaha.. my bf and i have been planning to make one, a couple tee though, with our nickname on it.. we came up with lots of fun ideas, and still working on the design :)

    you should make one too tan, it'll be fun :D

    neways, i love your friday outfit, and u don't look lazy, really..

    since thats the great thing about wearing basic pieces, you can throw it on in an instance, put on some bold accessories (in this case, those fringe sandals), and you'll look great :D


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