Being Huggable.


Written on 5/12/2009 06:11:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

5:45 PM 5/12/2009

Today I'll be doing a series of blog posts to let the blog catch up to current events.

The first post is on last Thursday's outfit, of which Hasbi said I was very huggable in indeed.

That sounded like a poor pick-up line coming out of his mouth but I wonder whether that was true for all guys--that girls look huggable on some type of outfits more than others--and whether one's huggability by a guy is universally shared by all.

I know the latter was rather unlikely.

But Hasbi explained of the former that there were outfits that I wore that made him want to hug me more than others. This didn't mean that while I was wearing other less huggable outfits, he wouldn't want to hug me, but certain outfits do kindle a certain longing for him to hug me.

In short, certain outfits act like "hug-stimulants" that when worn (by the wearer) and seen (by the observer), they would incite the observant's hugging desire to the wearer.

I didn't know, and still don't frankly, what was so special about what I wore as I though it made me look very full up top (more than usual) and even fatter. But Hasbi gave me a hug that day so maybe I should wear it more lol.

I asked him in what outfits did I look more huggable than others and the events when my outfit inspired him to hug me.

He said it was on those days when I put in more efforts in my outfits, which is rare, and I realized that more often than not I look very un-huggable indeed. :'( :p

6:07 PM 5/12/2009

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  1. ChikitaRosemarie |

    you look good, plain and simple :)

    that ruffled white shirt really works on you tan.. and i love the way you mix your classic look with that very modern bag,,

    no wonder hasbi hugged you :D

  2. Jasper12.01u |

    thanks chiki. it actually has floral patterns and was quite sheer but u couldnt really see it bc it was so bright outside the house that day.
    i even took the two last pics under the shade of a palm tree-which didnt help btw-but the floral patterns and the sheer quality to it didnt show up. the ruffles did though. :)


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