Batik Shirts and Bangles. :)


Written on 5/08/2009 07:04:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

Hey! I'm back now! :)

I've been meaning to post this for some time now but what with schoolwork and presentations and getting an internship and all, it's been quite hard to do so.

Anyways, like I said in Colon Parenthesis. :), I went to Jogja last week and bought home quite a LOT of stuffs.

One of which is this Batik blouse.

I had fallen in LOVE with it as soon as I laid eyes on it.
And without hesitating I immediately bought it.

The salmon-colored dragon-like details on the front that extend to the back and arms, the lavender zigzag vertical patterns as well as the blue flowers...
I absolutely love it!

The only thing is it made me look old, at least in my opinion.
And my mom actually agreed!

We both concurred that it made me look 20-something.

And I'm 18!!!

But it didn't make me love the blouse less though hehe.
It's just that you won't see me wear it often. ;)

On top of the batik blouses and dresses, I also bought home accessories, among which were Batik bangles and scarves.
I totally went crazy for the accessories and literally SPLURGED.

I mean who can help it? They were so cute...

And so the other day I wore my new Batik bangles and necklaces to campus.
See the pattern on the bangles?
Simply adorable. :)

I really like wearing loose shirts like this gray buttoned-down shirt on the pic.
The thing is it's quite hard to find shirts that'll come out as loose when I wear them as I'm full up top.
This really contradicts my lower part of body as it's real skinny.

I read in magazines that I have what you call an apple-shaped body, or even a cone-shaped body.
And I agree.
My shoulder blades are wider than my hips.
And I wear size L shirts with size 26 pants!

Anyways, gotta get to school. I'm already late as it is. :)

P.s. Yes that's the new hair. Not so Katy Perry-ish anymore now that the styling's wore off lol.

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  1. ChikitaRosemarie |

    you don't look old with that blouse, trust me :)
    and that blouse will be perfect with black skinny jeans..
    wear it to campus tan.. i'd love to see it :D

  2. Jasper12.01u |

    LOL. The question is actually when will we be able to see each other chiki? Maybe I'll try it. I'm not so sure and still think I look old though... :(

  3. ChikitaRosemarie |

    hahaha.. i guess that's the effect created by batik pattern tan.. any classic pieces often make us look old, and thats why they are 'classic', for they bring our 'inner lady' out.. thats a good thing tan :)

    neways,, kpn" deh gw main ke kafe.. lo jg main ke fisip dong.. atau fib deh tengah" ;)

  4. Jasper12.01u |

    LOL. I always tell Putro whenever I'm in Fisip. And u should probably do the same when ur in FE. Us bloggers should definitely meet up eh?


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