Skirts! Lips!


Written on 5/23/2009 08:15:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

As soon as I saw this pic I knew what I'm going to make next!!! Susie's skirt!!! :)


I wonder how it will look in denim?

That aside, I've been toying with the idea of donning Barbie Lips lately...

Camilla Belle
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  1. ChikitaRosemarie |

    it would be very cute if you make it in multi-colored denim fabric (i guess) ;)

    neways, i've been thinkin bout those lip-color too!
    i was laying on my bed, resting from my paper-writing thing, checking out oriflame catalogue, and guess what? they have some stuffs in similar color, with affordable price too ;)

  2. Jasper12.01u |

    Yea i was also thinkin abt makin it in various colors fabric or even have it in different patterns.
    Whos an oriflame agent? I wanna order some stuffs too as its awful cheap but i dont knw anybody whos an agent. Actually some of my highschool friends are but its very rare that i meet them nowadays...

  3. Cookies |

    Thank you so much ! :D

    I really like the tee with the wolf on it.


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