Written on 5/30/2009 12:24:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

Image is courtesy of Grand Hyatt Bali

No, I actually didn't go to Bali. It was finals after all. Anyways yesterday H did THE SWEETEST THING EVER!!![!!!!!!!!!!]

He was staying at a friend's place with his guy friends, but still he picked me up from school and even waited a long time as I had to return some books to the library and had a meeting with my AMUNC team concerning sponsorship problems!

He absolutely hated--and will continue to hate I guess--all of my meetings, but despite of him rumbling a little, he was the cutest thing!

Afterwards, he was supposed to accompany me get a manicure-pedicure at this salon, which he did.

The thing is boys weren't allowed in the salon!

So as soon as Hasbi and I stepped into the place, the receptionist ushered him out the door.

I was quite at loss of what to say as the salon was quite far and we had wasted quite a lot of time getting there. I felt so bad for him.
So I told him that the manicure-pedicure thing was canceled and that I was sorry.

But he insisted that I go in and have fun! He told me that he knew I had wanted to go for a long time. That he'd be waiting. And that I shouldn't worry about him being alone.

I had felt like I wanted to hug him then and there.

So I went in and got myself literally PAMPERED.
I had a massage, a body scrub, and of course the manicure and pedicure I had wanted.
It was already nighttime when I finished.

And Hasbi; he was in his car, his windows slightly open, sleeping. His PlayStation Portable was on the dashboard, its battery finished.

He kissed me on the cheek and it was the perfect ending for finals. :)

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  1. chaa |

    salut buat Hasbi!!!!

  2. ChikitaRosemarie |

    lain kali ajakin cowolo meni-pedi brg aja tan..
    di johny andrean margo city enak tuh..

    btw, i know a spa, with great home-made products, and great atmosphere, affordable price, and i believe your bf can join while you're having all the treatments.. and it also has a cafe for those who wants to hang out..

    its also reachable.. in fatmawati.. :)

  3. Jasper12.01u |

    @icha: lol. i know... he is absolutely the SWEETEST guy EVER. ;)
    @chikita: i tried but he wouldnt. :) btw wats the name of the spa? and wats the price range of its products?

  4. putra dan kelakuan yg nyeleneh |

    wow banget
    kalau q mah udah kutinggal
    apa ituh takaran cowo' romantis bagi cewe'?????

  5. Jasper12.01u |

    Tergantung sih putra. If ur a gentleman i believe u should hehe. :)


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