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Written on 3/01/2009 10:09:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

9:43 PM 3/1/2009
I just called Hasbi and he was busy studying hehe. Man, how many girls can say that their bfs are busy studying??! Lol.**

Anyways, today was SIMAK UI, and my sister Farra took the test. Our whole family is now praying, crossing our fingers, that Farra will be another addition to the family enrolled in Universitas Indonesia apart from myself. The whole test itself was emotional, my sister broke down a few times in the process. I did too, when I was at that stage, although I never let it show like she did.

All in all, it was over, and we went out to celebrate. After sizing up several dining alternatives, we decided to go to HEMA, a Dutch family restaurant that my father dubbed HEmat dan MurAh, meaning economical. And it doesn't taste bad either! Hehe. So it was the perfect dining choice.

Or so I thought...

I was [and still am] determined to enroll myself to a nearby gym to try to slim down tomorrow. And yet I ate two main courses!!!
Damn you HEMA! Haha.

Hutspot met Klapstuck

Kippen Borst Speciaal

My family:

Tamara & her Zupa Soup



My sister Farra, with the purple shirt,
and this weird person[?] who I suspected sported a beard on Farra's left.

Anyways, if you're reading this, please pray for Farra so that she could get into FKG UI!!! :D We're gonna have a dentist in the hooooooooouuuussseeee!!! YAAAAAAYY!!! :D

**As I was writing the second paragraph Hasbi nudged me in MSN. He was already bored from studying he said, but I made him go study again lol. >:D
10:08 PM 3/1/2009

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