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8:09 AM 3/9/2009

Hehe so I was SOOO pissed off today because I was supposed to go to Hasbi's house to celebrate the 500th day we've been together.

And because I have SO many homeworks, I decided to postpone it. I told him that when I called him last night.

I was so ready to write an entry about how I'm SO mad at him! He begged for me to come to his house today (last week I was gonna surprise him by just suddenly appearing on his doorsteps with a cake but my plan got found out) but when I postponed it, he didn't even care about the fact that the celebration was postponed!

That really got on my nerves.

And he didn't even realize how pissed I was because of his reaction. I really thought he wanted to celebrate it but why was his reaction so flat when I told him I couldn't come over to his house today.

"So when will we meet then?" I asked him. He's a management major, and I'm in accounting so we don't have classes together and thus makes it hard to meet.
"Well Tuesday we can meet up!" he said matter-of-factly.
"But my classes are full on Tuesday!" I insisted.
"We met up last Tuesday, didn't we?"

Man that pissed me off so bad.

I didn't mean when can we meet up like in campus and stuff. I meant like when are we gonna celebrate the 500 thingy!

Damn you ego!

Anywaaaays, I was just calculating the 500 thingy again this time on Excel. Aaaaaaaaaaaaandd it turns out that the 500th day is actually not on this date in February like I had thought before. It's actually on March 14 this weekend! Haha.

Suddenly all my angriness, all my irritation washed away.

I'm so sorry Pacaar. :( hehehe.

8:22 AM 3/9/2009

P.s. Pacar, the cupcake above is a hint.

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