Grandpa's Love. The Best Hao Shaowen (Bo Bo Ho) Movie Ever


Written on 3/17/2009 07:14:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

Have you ever cried when watching a movie? What was the first movie that you cried to? Mine was the 1994 movie Grandpa's Love (Zu Sun Qing). I watched it on TV when I was in elementary school or so, I forgot what grade.

I cried my eyes out when I watched the movie and even woke my mom up by my crying hehe.

The movie starred Hao Shaowen, otherwise known as Bo Bo Ho, a very famous child actor at the time in Shaolin movies as the comic relief. The other leads were Jimmy Lin as Hao Shaowen's older brother and Lang Xiong as the grandpa.

Plot Synopsis:
Jiang Xing Jian (Jimmy) and his 4 year old brother Xing Kang (Hao Shao Wen), whose parents died in a plane crash, lived with their grandpa, who’s the chairman of a big company. Grandpa expected the 17 year old Ah Jian to be a good example for Ah Kang, but whenever Ah Kang got into trouble, grandpa would blame Ah Jian. This made Ah Jian felt that grandpa seems to favour his younger brother more and doesn't try to understand his feelings.

Soon, it's grandpa's birthday and Ah Jian was preparing to go out and buy a gift for him but Ah Kang, seeing his brother leaving with his bicycle, pester him to bring him along. Ah Jian refused but Ah Kang made a nuisance of himself and wouldn't stop crying unless he agrees to bring him. Ah Jian had no choice but to agree.

While Ah Jian was looking around at all the gifts, Ah Kang followed a group of children who ran past and later got lost. Ah Jian came out and found Ah Kang missing, made a frantic search. When he was at a total despair, Ah Kang finally found him and it was a touching reunion.

After getting the gift, they had to rush home before grandpa does. Ah Jian with Ah Kang on their bicycle held on a moving vehicle so that it'll be faster to reach home. However, grandpa's car was just behind them and had caught sight of them. Grandpa was fuming mad with Ah Jian for endangering he and his brother. But Ah Kang told grandpa that brother had specially got him a gift, till then did he cool down.

Advised by their uncle, grandpa decided to give Ah Jian another chance, and offered to bring him to Hong Kong for a business trip. Ah Jian was very happy about the friendship offered by grandpa. One day, however, Ah Jian found a video that had their parents but Ah Kang suddenly burst into the room. He tried to stop his little brother from watching the tape but he snatched the remote control from Ah Jian and accidentally erased the video tape that had their parents’ clips. Ah Jian went to all the video shops to find a way to recover the clips but it was impossible. He then went to a pub and got himself drunk.

When Grandpa saw him returning home drunk, he was very upset, and as a punishment to Ah Jian, he went on to Hong Kong on his own. Feeling both depressed and a sense of desperation. Ah Jian went to climb a tree which is just above the waterfall to relieve his frustrations, but to his surprise, Ah Kang followed him there. Ah Kang suddenly fell and encountered a snake. Fearing for his little brother’s safety, he tried to climb back to the bank to reach his brother but one of his hands slipped and he plunged down.....

Synopsis courtesy of Jimmy Lin Fans' Zone

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  1. wiydiy |

    i love it too.
    and i also cry. hahaha

  2. Jasper12.01u |

    yea, and i especially cried when the big brother died. :'(


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