The Voyage to Shop! a.k.a. Bargain hunting.


Written on 3/09/2009 09:28:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

7:43 AM 3/9/2009

Hehe I didn't even once touch the computer screen since last Thursday, and when on Friday I did turn on the computer, I turned it off again deciding that I would just cut class and not turn in my homework hehe.

So I got a lot of things on my mind that I want to share with you guys.

The first thing is of course about my little shopping trip with Dania and Echie, an epithet for Jessica. :D

All in all I spent about Rp25.000,- for 3 very cute skirts and a top!!!

That was a record ladies and gentlemen. The last time I splurged I spent about...well I spent hundreds of thousands of rupiahs. :'(

I'll post the pic later.

I didn't get the skirts I was looking for though, but the ones I got were just, if not more, as cute! So I'm very pleased with myself.

So at 1.30 PM we embarked on our shopping adventure on the economy train from Depok-Cawang and got off at Senen. That was my 1st time riding the economy train, and truth be told it wasn't as scary as I had thought. And then we got off and rode a bus to Pasar Senen. All in all the trasportation to the shopping place costs about Rp3.500,-

(I was dropped off at campus today so I won't add it to the COGS hehe.)

For that day, I had set myself to look as plain as possible, wearing only a plain white graphic shirt, a green cardigan, jeans, and the old reliable loafers. That day instead of dressing up to college I had to dress down hehe.

This is because the place is swarming with thieves and muggers, mind you. I left my GSM cellphone at home and only brought my CDMA one, putting it, as well as my wallet, in between of schoolbooks in my bag as to disguise its whereabouts. I put some money, Rp50.000,- and some change on my front pocket for easy access and I was done.

But still, I was noticeable, people were calling "Ijoo!!! Ijoo!!!"** and I thought "Dammit why did I have to wear such a noticeably bright color cardigan!"

Although the fact that I was "noticed" did help me in getting bargain prices (the seller reduced it by half! *YAY*) so hooray for my lady charms! Haha.

I still have another story about how I got home from Senen but I think it's gonna be another entry so ttul! :D hehe.

8:03 AM 3/9/2009

**Ijo, or rather hijau, is Bahasa Indonesia for green.

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  1. JC |

    Gak kapok ke Senen lagi, Tan??

    Ada rencana untuk balik lagi?
    kalo iya, kabr2in aja gw n Dania..hohoho


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