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Written on 3/02/2009 09:16:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

8:00 AM 3/2/2009

So I woke up today at 6.30 AM, already determined and SO totally ready to go to the gym. I had estimated that we would go to the place at 7, probably arrive there 5 to 10 minutes later. We, that is my Mami and I, would then sign ourselves up, get a bite to eat and start working out at 8 when the place officially opens.


my mom came up to me at about 7 and we started having that mother-daughter heart-to-heart session, which consisted of me nodding, uttering thoughtful comments, and mostly listening to my mom's worries and that lasted about more than half an hour!

So it was already 7.30 AM when we finished the rap session, and then the housekeeper came and my mom went downstairs to do some household things like every good homemaker does and MY PLAN IS RUUUUUUIIINNEEEEDDD!!!

Of course I could have just gone there myself, but no thank you. Me and sweaty guys at the gym don't mix well. If I have my mom with me, I have a shield to repel those guys away haha. And anyways I was worried that the personal trainer would be one of those sweaty guys. At least if my mom was there I wouldn't have to be confront him alone.

Anyways, no offence to all the sweaty guys who happen to be reading this. I mean you no harm, although you could use some deodorant and drop your pick up lines. Hehe.


8:15 AM 3/2/2009
YAYAY! My mom promised me that we could go to the gym later! Only to sign up though. But we could officially start working out tomorrow! YAAAYY for mee!!!

Oh and by the way, my Panther's tires are like so badly scorched from burning rubber that the fibers are sticking out of them haha. Yes, and this is another job for SUPERMOM Emmy Kim and her sidekick Pak Rasyid the DRIVER!

Well, all's well that ends well! :D

8:19 AM 3/2/2009

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  1. Hazbi Emre |

    itu gym yang dimana car?

  2. Jasper12.01u |

    Hehe sayang itu hasil googlean tauuk! :D Aku kangen nih! :-*


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