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Written on 3/26/2009 08:04:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

Hehe I'm back again, doing one of those blogrolls.

It's mid-term and Business Risk Management is tomorrow.

I was reading the materials last night when I got bored and went to sleep.
And then I had this crazy dream.

I couldn't really remember what exactly happened but this is the main idea...

So I was in Building A, now called the Nathanael Iskandar building, and I was looking at the SPA bulletin board. It said that the organization was gonna hold a free, medical check up visit to a lot of these doctors or something I couldn't quite remember.

After that, a bunch of management students were sitting in front of the bulletin board asked me when I approached whether they could get the free check up also. I said yes, seeing that it didn't actually say that only accounting students could participate. [Note: SPA is an accounting students organization]

And among those guys sitting in front of the board was this guy whom I've had a crush on a long time ago haha. ;)

Anywaaaayss, so we went on the visit.

I got separated from the group because I strayed into this bakery-coffee shop and had a real good time looking at richly colorful buildings in the area, which doesn't exist in real life mind you.

So I went round and round for some time, enjoying myself and even bumped into Ahmad Albar, the frontman of the legendary Indonesian rock band God Bless, no not the LL Cool J album.

At last I found where the others were but I had to cross this little moat or something--there was no bridge--and I was afraid that I was gonna fall into it. Across the moat, the land was squishy and muddy either so I was afraid I was gonna slip and fall if I jump.
[This is a dream people, I know that the Ahmad Albar and the moat don't make sense.]

The "good thing" was that there was this pillar that we could actually use to propel us for the jump. But I was too scared as the moat was pretty wide. Anyhow, people were encouraging me from the other side--imagine sports movies when it was the last minute of the game and the audience were doing the slow clap for the main lead(s).

And then the guy that I told you before, the one I had a crush on, reached out his hand to me, and told me to hold his hand.

"Jump," he said encouragingly with the CUTEST smile ever on his face. I was melting hehe.

And so I jumped and he caught me with his arms around my hips!
And then with the slightest gesture he kissed my cheek haha!

I woke up smiling. Heck I'm still smiling now! ;)
I remembered having those almost-waking-up-but-still-kinda-asleep moments thinking to myself, "Did he really kiss me?!!! DID HE REALLY?!!"

Hehe yes he did. :-*

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