Slumdog Millionaire: A New Favorite.


Written on 3/02/2009 10:21:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

10:09 PM 3/2/2009

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I just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire!!!

It's a bit late I know for a review as I guess by now everybody's seen it but... GOD I'm SPEECHLESS!!! The movie was so absolutely astounding and amazing that it's left me at loss for words!!!

Anyways there were 3 most memorable moments in the movie in my opinion:

1. At the last few seconds of his life and Salim let out with his very last breath "GOD is Great..." Truly a wondrous end ever for a Muslim's life

Child Salim

2. When the child Jamal jumped into the puddle of human droppings, one hand held high holding Amitabh Bachan's pic as to not let it get dirty, only to meet his idol Amitabh and get his autograph :D

Courtesy of imdb

3. The dance ending. It's not Bollywood until you move it, move it! ;D

Courtesy of imdb

And most probably the fact that they're Muslims help, too LOL. :D

Cute child actors!!!


10:23 PM 3/2/2009

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