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Written on 3/22/2009 01:37:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

I LOVE Saturdays and Sundays!!!
But why these particular days, you might ask!? It's because of the FOOD, people!!!

So today my mom and dad cooked:

1. Nasi merah, or red rice in English.

Nasi merah is a variant of the regular rice. It's high in fiber yet low in carbs. So it's good for you who wish to go on a low-carb diet. :)

2. Sayur Asem

A traditional Indonesian vegetable soup, with a slight sour yet sweet taste. Its ingredients include groundnuts, melinjo (Latin name: gnetum gnemon), belimbing wuluh (Latin name: Averrhoa bilimbi), labu siam (Latin name: sechium edule, chayote/christophine in English), yardlong beans, tamarinds, and corns.

3. And then Pepes Ayam Madu.

This one is a weird one. Normally people have either a Pepes Ayam,

which is chicken marinated with ground spices, seasonings, lemon basils, tomatoes, and chilis, wrapped in banana leaves and then grilled, or an Ayam Madu,

which is Baked Chicken with Honey.

So you combine the two and basically what you get is amazing!!! ;)

I was gonna post pics but the food was so enticing that I dug in at once haha. :D
Bon apetit! : d

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