Hasbi's Car Accident.


Written on 3/10/2009 09:42:00 PM by Jasper12.01u

Hasbi just got an accident.

Post more later.


March 12, 2009, 2:16 AM


Hasbi's alright. And so is the guy his car hit.
His car on the other hand, is NOT okay.
Because of the sudden braking, a car collided into the back of his car.
Good thing it was Dida who crashed into him and not anyone else.
Dida was also lucky because the car behind her escaped colliding into the back of her JUST BARELY.
Another good thing is they've both got insurance.

I'm gonna post an entry later on about road and driving safety. This is a major issue I think in Jakarta, Depok, and actually in all of Indonesia. :)

Well gonna crash. ;)

2:22 AM

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