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Written on 3/16/2009 05:57:00 AM by Jasper12.01u

People keep posting these personality tests thingy on facebook. And so I got curious and tried some of them. So I tried this site, DOUBUTSU URANAI.

DOUBUTSU URANAI uses the date of birth, based on the Four Pillars of Destiny, that breaks down the human characteristics into 12 different kinds of animals. I found this one pretty accurate.

I actually put in my name 4 times! And it all came out Gold Lion. :D


You are Gold Lion, who is rather serious and polite type of person.
You value personal relationships.
You suppress yourself and act to be a sociable person.
But you are really a person who doesn't like to loose to anyone.
You dislike emotional atmosphere and vague attitude.
You want to make everything clear-cut.
You like to stay in your own little world.
If you get in a situation where there are lots of people you can not express yourself and act as a perfect person.
You are not very subjective sort of person, unlike ordinary women, but unfortunately you lack soft and gentle atmosphere.
You tend to be too bold.
You cannot help but stretch your hand to those who are in need.
You are very kind person who helps the weak.
You are also weak on compliments, and will work enthusiastically after someone has given a compliment.
You will go about your duty steadily and loyally, and not get in a rush to achieve the objective.
You have perseverance, and will work effortlessly until you reach your objective.
Something that you have worked steadily for a long, long time, will turn out to be an asset to the world.
You are careful and rational, and therefore place value to steady life.
After getting married, you will be a devoted mother and a wife, but you are really a very dependent person, and prefer to keep your own little world.

Characteristics and Personality

1. Lions love special treatment and praise.
2. Lions say things like "Awesome!" and "Definitely!"
3. Lions don't complain and are hard on others
4. Lions are perfectionists
5. Lions are not good with numbers
6. Lions' mortal enemies are lack of sleep and an empty stomach
7. Lions own expensive things
8. Lions love silly puns
9. Lions are actually spoiled kids
10. Lions are outwardly impressive; but their rooms are a shambles


P.s. LOL. Hasbi's animal was sheep. No wonder we get into fights a lot.

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